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This Empowering Workout Clothing Brand Sells Anti-Mansplaining Tanks and We're Obsessed

"Being in the gym isn't an open invitation for feedback. Being a woman doesn't mean that we need help or that we don't know what we're doing."

This Record-Breaking Skier Served Up the Perfect Clap Back to Sexist Bros

This girl knows how to deliver a burn, and we're here for it.

Guys Are Putting Stickers On Their Urethras to Avoid Condoms, and You Shouldn't Stand for It

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An Open Letter to Women Who Are Afraid of the Weight Room

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Is It Possible for a Guy's Penis Size to Be Too Big?

"Too much of a good thing" or "the more the merrier?"

Is a "Broken Penis" a Legitimate Thing?

Thank goodness our lady bits are safely inside of us. *shudders*

Can You Tell the Difference Between Activewear and Lingerie?

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Why You Catch Your Partner's Plague Even When You Sleep On the Couch

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10 Date Ideas That Don't Take Place In a Bar

Liquid courage may help your nerves, but it isn't the best recipe for love.

Infidelity: An Issue of Nature vs Nurture?

Here, the reasons we (or he) may be more apt to stray.

Are We Sexist About Healthy Food?

Gender stereotypes are in full force when it comes to eating healthy, a new study says.

His Brain Actually Wants Sex More Than Food

Think your guy has a one-track mind when it comes to sex? Science says it may not be his fault.

4 Ways to Boost His Low Sex Drive

Low libido isn't just a lady problem.

Overweight Men Score Larger Salaries While Women Must Slim Down for Fatter Paychecks

A new study shows that weight discrimination only goes one direction in the workplace

What Men Find Attractive in Women—Besides Looks!

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9 Touchy Subjects Guys Get Sensitive About

Men can actually be pretty insecure—no matter the confidence they exude.

8 Healthy Habits to Steal from Guys

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Your Likelihood of Getting Pregnant Is Higher with a New Boyfriend

This new science will scare you into never skipping the condom again—gaurenteed.

How Circumcision Affects Your Sex Life (Or Doesn't)

Personal preferences aside, whether he's circumsized or not shouldn't be a dealbreaker.

Power to #Dadbods for the Healthier Body Image, But What About Mombods?

The #dadbods meme celebrates the very average bodies of men in fatherhood—but why are women are left out of the love?

Women Feel Horny at a Totally Different Hour Than Men

Shocker: It's completely different than guy's prime time.