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mental health

The Reason You Feel Anxious After a Night of Drinking Could Be "Hangxiety"

Apparently, people with a certain personality trait are more susceptible.

Celebrating the Holidays Can Actually Make You Healthier

Stop being a Grinch. Here's your excuse to lean into the holiday hype.

The Top-Rated Light Therapy Lamps On Amazon

Because shorter daylight hours affects everyone.

Demi Lovato Is Getting Back Into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu As Part of Her Recovery

She posted a make-up-free selfie showing off her blue belt and robe.

The Best CBD Gifts to Spread Holiday Chill

Spread the holiday chill with the calming powers of hemp CBD.

Jennifer Lopez Used to Believe Every Negative Thing People Said About Her

"Despite the hurt and the pain I just kept going."

Playing Christmas Music Too Early Is Bad for Your Health

Maybe just wait until after Thanksgiving.

Demi Lovato Is Out of Rehab 3 Months After Overdosing

And a source says 'she seems to be doing well'.

What Is Body Checking and When Is It a Problem?

There's a fine line between recording fitness progress and obsessing over it.

How to Be As Happy IRL As You ~Look~ On Instagram

Here's how to be really authentically happy IRL.

Lady Gaga Co-Wrote a Powerful Op-Ed On Suicide

Along with the director-general of the World Health Organization, no less.

Sarah Hyland Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by a Friend In High School

"I thought no one would believe me. I didn't want to be called dramatic."

Gisele Bündchen Says She Battled Panic Attacks So Extreme She Considered Suicide

The supermodel opens up about her battle with panic attacks.

Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her 5-Year Struggle with Depression

Now, she's taking a break from social media.

Self-Care Has Officially Entered the Gaming World

Does virtual self-care = real self-care??

Doodling Could Be the Form of Meditation You've Been Waiting For

Zentangle Is a mix between doodling and mediation.

How a Health Scare Finally Prompted Lo Bosworth to Make Self-Care a Priority

"I realized I needed to be mindful with decisions I made for my body."