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What Everyone Needs to Know About the Rising U.S. Suicide Rates

The losses of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are compounded by new findings that suicide rates are on the rise across the country.

Kate Hudson Shares Why We Need to Work Harder to Destigmatize Depression

"Happiness is a very active process to work on, it's not something that just happens."

Lady Gaga Shared an Important Message About Mental Health While Presenting Her Mom with an Award

She discussed her friend's suicidal thoughts and her own mental health challenges.

Olivia Munn Just Posted a Powerful Message About Suicide On Instagram

The star's post is sparking an open conversation about mental health.

Suicide Rates Are Rising In Almost Every State, According to the CDC

Rates have increased in 44 states, according to a CDC report.

Kate Spade's Husband Reveals That She Had Been Battling Depression

The couple had also been living apart for 10 months.

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health When You Work from Home

Emailing from your couch can cause anxiety and guilt.

Twitter Has Strong Feelings About These Mental Illness-Themed Necklaces

Not everyone's cool with these "anxiety," "depression," and "bipolar" chains.

Sleeping In On the Weekend Might Actually Make You Healthier

Finally, you can stop feeling guilty for rolling over when the clock shows double digits.

French Lawmakers Want to Fine Catcallers On the Spot for Harassing Women

The country is cracking down on sexual harassment.

19 Women Sum Up What Postpartum Depression Means to Them In Once Sentence

"I never felt more alone, no matter how much help and support I knew was out there."

Demi Lovato's Health and Fitness Journey Will Seriously Inspire You

FYI, she's basically a badass MMA fighter now.

This Woman Listed Ways Her Boyfriend Can Support Her During a Panic Attack

The now-viral post garnered thousands of reactions on social media.

Why You Should Start Your Busy Morning with a Phone-Free Walk

The habit can be seriously life-changing (and yes, you have time).

4 Reasons Why Meghan Markle Is Smart for Doing Yoga Before Her Wedding Day

Four reasons you should commit to your practice before a big event.

How the Japanese Art of Kintsugi Helped Candice Kumai Rebound from Rock Bottom

Just take it from Candice Kumai, the "golden girl of wellness."

How Stress Is Actually Killing American Women

Too much stress can take a major (and very real) toll on your health.

The Benefits of Red, Green, and Blue Light Therapy

Know when to take advantage of green, blue, and red lights.

Kesha Opens Up About Staying Positive After Her Sexual Harassment Ordeal

The singer says that she's finally reached a good place.

Kristen Bell Tells Us What It's Really Like to Live with Depression and Anxiety

Kristen knows what's up—and she's worth listening to.

I Spent a Week at a Retreat for Women Who Struggle with Weight and Food

Five simple lessons that helped one woman find body peace.