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myths and mistakes

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10 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Poison You

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82 Percent of Cosmetic Advertising Claims Are Bogus

A new study aims to show just how much truth—or rather, lack there of—there is in beauty advertising.

Is Canned Oxygen the Key to Post-Workout Recovery?

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7 Workout Rules Meant to Be Broken

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Asking for a Friend: Is Snoring Really So Bad?

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How Food Network Is Making You Fat

Science says pulling recipes from Pinterest, cooking shows, and social media can make you gain a shocking amount of weight.

Asking for a Friend: How Do I Remove Ear Wax?

You know cotton swabs are out. But do you know what you should be using instead? We asked a doctor so you don’t have to.

Your Brain On: Daylight Savings Time

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9 Divorce Myths to Stop Believing

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Ask the Diet Doctor: The Truth Behind Activated Charcoal

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Always Tired? Sleep Apnea Could Be to Blame

Sleep problems may leave us tired all the time. And many women are—unknowingly—suffering from this common condition.

Your 10 Biggest Fitness Class Mistakes

Avoid these fitness faux pas to ensure you'll see results more quickly—and safely—in your favorite workouts.