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The New York Times Can Predict Future Obesity in America

“Newspapers are basically crystal balls for obesity."

More Doctors Talking About Age, Fertility With Female Patients

As more and more women push motherhood and parenting back, doctors are trying to figure out how to approach patients about their fertility.

Cooking with Michael Pollan, Michael Moss

The New York Times took Michael Pollan and Michael Moss shopping to make a home-cooked meal. Here's what happened.

The Truth About 7 Big Yoga Claims

Can this ancient tradition truly deliver on its big promises? We found out!

Plus-Size Fashion Bloggers Dress Up Their Curves

The New York Times sparks conversation by featuring plus-size fashion bloggers.

Women Struggle with Pull-Ups, Study Finds

How many pull-ups can you do? With this training plan from Jay Cardiello, you (yes, you!) will be on your way to completing this notoriously hard move.

Extreme Dieting: The Bridal Edition

Dubbed "Bridal Hunger Games" by the New York Times, this article shows just how far Brides will go to lose the last few pounds.