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This Bodyweight Tabata Workout from Shaun T Is the Ultimate HIIT Routine

Get right to the point with these heart rate-boosting exercises.

7 At-Home Workouts You Can Do While Riding Out Any Winter Storm

Snow days (aka WFH days) are cool and all, but you will probably get antsy after a while.

Khloé Kardashian Addresses Fitness Haters On Snapchat

Her "zero excuses" response was totally on point.

Forget Planks—Crawling Just Might Be the Best Core Exercise Ever

#TBT your workout all the way back to your toddler days.

The Get-Firm-Fast Total-Body Workout

Eliminate "junk reps" in favor of serious calorie burn with this 30-minute sweat sesh.

The Fat-Sizzling Stairs Workout

Step It Up (like Channing Tatum is waiting at the top) with a firm-and-burn stairs routine.

No-Equipment Workout on NYC Subway Goes Viral

Don't have time to work out? This video isn't just fitspiration—it's proof that quick, effective workouts can happen anywhere!

Lacey Stone's 15-Minute Full Body Workout Plan

This series of quick exercises will tone your body fast, so you can get back your the holiday festivities.

#TBT Aerobics Workout

Sweat it out old school-style with this 80s-inspired cardio routine—leg warmers optional!

Give Your Butt a Boost Workout

Tighten, tone, and trim your tush in 8 minutes with this intense bodyweight workout.

Tony Horton's Top 4 Moves

The fitness expert and P90X creator’s unique combo of moves target your upper body, core, and legs.

2-Minute At-Home Abs Workout

Lose the pooch fast with these Pilates-with-a-twist moves that you can do at home.

The No-Child's Play Playground Workout

Head to the park to tone and trim with this challenging yet fun outdoor routine.

The 8-Minute Missed-the-Gym Workout

When your alarm clock doesn't go off (or you hit snooze too many times), this at-home routine has you covered.

The Best Exercises to Get Rid of Arm Fat

Build strong triceps to sculpt tighter-looking arms.

The Best Exercises to Get Rid of Arm Fat

Build strong triceps to sculpt tighter-looking arms.

9-Minute Power Plank Workout

Melt ab flab to reveal a rock-hard core in 9 minutes!

Home Tabata Workout: Blast Fat in 4 Minutes

Blast fat and work up a major sweat in 4 minutes with this at-home Tabata plan.

The 20-Minute No-Equipment Workout Inspired by Dance Moves

Your own body is the only equipment you need for this ultra-effective toning routine.

The 2-in-1 Lower-Body Workout

6 multitasking moves for lean legs and a shapely butt—no equipment necessary.

The Pre-Night Out Workout

Yes, you do have time! With this excuse-proof toning plan (no shower or sneakers required), you'll show up looking and feeling even more fit and fabulous than usual.

1 Move, 7 Ways: The 7-Minute Poolside Workout

Work your legs and butt with this do-anywhere squat circuit, then cool off by taking a dip.

Fitness Experts Share Their Favorite Exercises

8 total-body exercises to help you maximize your workout and get fit faster.

The No-Equipment Cardio Workout

This bodyweight circuit makes fitting in a killer fat-burning session simple!

The No-Equipment, Do-Anywhere Workout

Traveling? You can still fit in a quick workout to keep your body slim and strong.

Cardio Fast Lane: 30-Minute Power Walking Plan

Turn an afternoon stroll into a serious sweat session with this 30-minute plan.