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McDonald's Sponsors Nutrition Convention

And has experts (and us!) wondering: Is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is being taken over by Big Food?

Is Your Diet a Cult?

A new book released today suggests that nutrition programs can brainwash us.

14 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.

In light of Europe banning some U.S. apples, find out what other baddies are banned in other countries—but A-okay in the U.S.

FDA Proposes Some Big Changes to Nutrition Labels

But will they help you eat healthier? Experts weigh in on the good and bad of the suggested update.

American Eating by the Numbers

Yowza. But that’s not the only shocking stat. These 20 eye-opening facts will make you rethink how you eat.

How Many Calories Are Really in Your Smoothie?

Find out how your favorite shake ingredients stack up nutritionally so you can place a healthier order.

The Best Carbs for Weight Loss

That's right, carbs can help you skinny down—as long as you're eating these ones.

8 Facts About Pumpkin That Will Blow Your Gourd

Whether you're pumpkin-obsessed or in need of some seasonal cocktail party trivia, the following tidbits are sure to surprise and fascinate.

Why Sugar Isn't the Entire Story

According to "Mother Jones," yes, since the fried treat has less sugar. But our Weight Loss Coach says sugar isn't the entire story.

Simple Tips to Avoid Belly Bloat

Tips from nutritionist Cynthia Sass on what to eat and drink for a flat stomach.

Will New Mountain Dew Breakfast Drink Kickstart Your Mornings?

The a.m. beverage promises to "kickstart" your day. Our expert reveals if the ingredients are actually a smart morning choice.

9 Ingredients Nutritionists Won't Touch

If you see any of these listed on a food label, don't buy whatever you're holding.

PepsiCo to Remove Flame Retardant BVO from Gatorade

15-year-old Sarah Kavanagh's petition has paid off: PepsiCo will no longer include flame retardant brominated vegetable oil in Gatorade.

The Sexiest Healthy Food Porn

Cheesecake Factory's bistro shrimp pasta may be the worst food porn to eat, but you can enjoy these dishes without any guilt.

Nutrition Facts Label Turns 20

The nutrition panel on packaged foods was introduced 20 years ago and has changed during that time, but we have ideas for how to make it even more useful.

Are You Falling for These 10 Food Label Lies?

Discover the sneaky ways manufacturers cash in on your healthy intentions.

Read Labels, Stay Slim

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares how to avoid common mistakes when reading nutrition panels so you lose weight faster.

5 Tasty Ways to Slash Calories from Rocco DiSpirito

The Now Eat This host shows you how to cut hundreds of calories by making simple swaps

11 Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes

You'll never believe the nutrition stats on these decadent treats are true!

Do Calorie Counts on Fast Food Menus Really Work?

New research suggests that adding calorie counts to menus may not help to curb obesity.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Anatomy of a Candy Corn Oreo

Healthy treat or empty calories? We dissect this Halloween cookie.

McDonald’s Adds Calorie Counts to Menu

Will it make you think twice about your favorite fast foods? Learn new ways this information can help you order better.

The Healthiest Order at Chipotle

This meal keeps calories in check and is packed with protein, fresh veggies, and flavor

5 Health Benefits of Honey

From skincare to nutrition, five reasons to use more honey.

Is Olive Oil Better than We Ever Thought?

When you find out just how good it is, you’ll want to try all these creative uses for the uber-healthy oil. Plus, learn the truth about olive oil’s smoke point.