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Americans Are Getting Heavier and Shorter—How Do You Measure Up?

American women weigh on average 8 pounds more than they did in 2000.

American Runners Are Slower Than Ever Before

Bottom line: You can't outrun an unhealthy lifestyle.

The U.S. Obesity Crisis Is Affecting Your Pets Too

And it's not good for their health.

Life Expectancy In the U.S. Has Seen Its First Decline In Decades

Why? Well, even researchers are scratching their heads.

Poor Diets Are the #1 Risk to Our Health, Says New Report

Malnutrition now poses a greater risk to health on a global level than unsafe sex, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco combined.

There Is a Serious Global Obesity Problem

A new study found some staggering results regarding the world and its waistlines.

How Fear of Rejection Makes You Gain Weight

Overweight women who are afraid of being rejected by others are less likely to make healthy choices

Thinking You Have Fat Genes May Be Making You Fat

Talk about the worst kind of self-fulfilling prophecy!

Society Has a Double Standard About Junk Food

Amy Schumer and Meghan Tonjes take a stand against a culture that glorifies food but vilifies anyone who's not thin and eats it.

The New York Times Can Predict Future Obesity in America

“Newspapers are basically crystal balls for obesity."

You Need Way More Nutrients for Good Gut Health

We've got a gut feeling you should read this.

New Pee Test Can Predict Your Risk for Obesity

Knowing your risk could be as simple as peeing in a cup.

Which U.S. State Is the Most Athletic?

Find out where your home state ranks based on its number of CrossFit gyms, fitness stores, and more.

How Your Sleep Schedule Affects Your Weight Gain and Disease Risk

Social jetlag increases your risk for obesity and obesity-related diseases, a new study shows. Find out how to avoid it.

Americans' Waistlines Are Getting Bigger

And researchers say women are leading the pack.

Science Proves It: Fat-Shaming Is Mean, Doesn't Help People Lose Weight

A growing body of evidence shows that bullying people into trying to lose weight just doesn't work.

Is This the Secret to Health and Happiness?

Healthy gut bacteria is linked to everything from improved immunity to a better mood. So how do you make sure your stomach's in good shape?

Is a Cupcake Ban in Schools a Bad Idea?

An increasing number of schools nationwide are banning sugary treats from the classroom in an attempt to curb childhood obesity. Necessary evil or does it go too far?

Dubai Is Paying Children to Lose Weight

The city’s unorthodox plan to combat obesity has many questioning the safety of their well-intended idea.

Most People Eat 92 Percent of What's on Their Plate

A new study shows that adults consistently consume the vast majority of what they serve themselves.

530 Fatties Facebook Page Makes Fun of Obese People and Is Absolutely Terrible

Find out more about this awful site circulating in the California area and how you can help stop it.

Obesity May Affect Women Differently Than Men

New research may bring us one step closer to developing the best treatment to help women successfully lose weight.

A Super Easy Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Healthy for Good

The research gets confusing, so we whittled it all down into these sure-fire tips to help you live your healthiest.