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Lack of Exercise (Not Too Much Food) Leads to Obesity

You’ve also gotta move, new research says.

Americans Spend the Least Money on Food Worldwide

Rising food prices may have you feeling the pinch, but you’ll be surprised how much less we spend compared to other countries.

9 Obesity Myths to Stop Believing

These common assumptions have lived long enough—it’s time to set the facts straight for good.

One Man Hopes to Change the Healthy Food Community, Why Your Brain Loves Junk Food, and the FDA Just Approved the First Personal Robotic Exoskeleton

One man’s mission to change eliminate waste and hunger, plus our fave fast food and robots are coming!

Can You Exercise Away a Bad Diet? New Coca-Cola Ad Says Yes

That's the philosophy Coca-Cola seems to be going for with its new ad. Here's why it's not so simple.

Most Americans Don't Think They're Overweight

But in fact 69 percent of us are. What’s behind the discrepancy?

Facebook Just Got Creepier, Men Are Too Focused on PE, and the Real Reason Olive Oil Is So Good for You

Now everyone on the social media behemoth can inquire if you're single (because clearly you wanted them to ask).

The Surprising Factor That May Curb Weight Gain

If you’re trying to slim down for summer, this odd trick may help you lose weight, research suggests.

Shape Shares: Antibiotic Resistance Now a Global Threat

Freak-out of the day: A report from the WHO says that if something isn't done, treatable infections may turn deadly.

Labeling Obesity a Disease May Discourage Weight Loss

Almost a year after the “disease” label took effect, researchers say it’s having the reverse effect of what was intended.

Rachel Frederickson, The Biggest Loser, and Losing Weight Fast

After shocking the world with her extreme weight loss, she’s now at her “perfect weight,” she says. Great, but is the show helping or harming women and our body image?

Shape Shares: The Internet Trend We Don't Need

It’s exactly what it sounds like—and we’re hoping it’s just a passing fad. Get the deets and tell us what you think!

Shape Shares: Want to Be Healthier? Marry a Runner!

We know running is good for you, but who knew it's this good?

PepsiCo Board Member Named President of Institute of Medicine

The appointment has some crying foul over conflict of interest. What does this mean for your health and what do you think?

Study Shows Obese Women Only Get One Hour of Exercise a Year

The dismal and shocking results of a new study suggest the obesity problem in the U.S. may be worse than we thought.

Shape Shares: What Your Selfie Says About You

Before you Instagram another pic, check out the results of a new study, plus more hilariously weird stories we're reading this week.

Drink Up for Charity with Jamba Juice

Grab a smoothie this Saturday, October 12 to help purchase athletic equipment for needy schools.

Are Coca-Cola's Anti-Obesity Ads Enough?

Coca-Cola recently debuted new advertisements to supposedly help fight obesity, but we're not sure they're much help.

6 Obesogens That Are Trying to Make You Fat

These nasty chemicals mess with your cells and figure. Here's how to beat them!

How Often Do You Really Need to See the Doc?

A review of studies reveals more frequent health check-ups could be detrimental to your health.

TV Anchor Gets Called Fat, Takes Down Bully on News Segment

A Wisconsin TV anchor responds to the viewer who called her fat.

Obesity Rates May Top 60 Percent in 13 States by 2030

The latest "F as in Fat" report was released today, and it's not looking good. If things don't change, American obesity could hit 60 percent in 2030.

Can You Be Obese and Fit?

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass shares new research about how fitness and health protect against disease regardless of weight.

Should There Be a Tax on Unhealthy Foods?

The concept of a "fat tax" isn't a new idea. But do these taxes actually work at getting people to make healthier decisions—and are they fair?

Are Weight-Loss Supplements Effective? Study Says Most Aren't

Do weight-loss supplements really work? One researcher goes over 25 years of research to find the answer. Read on to find out whether they're really worth your money and health.

Obesity Drug Qnexa One Step Closer to Being Prescribed

Qnexa had been previously rejected for safety reasons, but now seems likely that it will get full FDA approval in April. Does it work? And is it safe?