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packaged foods

Healthy Processed, Packaged Foods That Are Dietitian-Approved

Not everything that comes from a box or a bag is crap.

Surprising New Ways to Eat More Probiotics

Yogurt was just the beginning.

Your Carbs Might Give You Cancer

Back awaaay from the bread.

How Canned Food Labels Lie (Hint: You're Being Cheated of Tuna)

According to industry experts, the amount listed on food labels is way off.

10 Packaged Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy

From all-natural peanut butter to fresh sliced cheese, stock up on good-for-you alternatives to foods usually labeled "unhealthy."

New Gluten-Free Flours Made from Fruits and Veggies

But do they win out nutritionally over whole-wheat?

5 Great Packaged Post-Workout Snacks

Pack one of these dietitian-approved bites in your gym bag to be sure you properly refuel no matter how busy life is.

14 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.

In light of Europe banning some U.S. apples, find out what other baddies are banned in other countries—but A-okay in the U.S.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Assessing Packaged Foods

These 6 guidelines will help ensure that only the healthiest products end up in your grocery cart.

Why Sugar Isn't the Entire Story

According to "Mother Jones," yes, since the fried treat has less sugar. But our Weight Loss Coach says sugar isn't the entire story.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Carrageenan Okay to Eat?

An ingredient sometimes found in healthy foods has experts concerned.

9 Common Foods That Contain Toxic Ingredients

Trade common foods with scary ingredients for these tasty, additive-free alternatives.

6 "Fancy" Food Store Fat Traps

Steer clear of these items to keep your belly flat and your wallet fat.

Healthy Party Foods for Last-Minute Entertaining

Stock your kitchen with these six no-prep festive foods. All you have to do is plate, pour, and go when unexpected holiday well-wishers stop by.

What’s a Canola? 7 Mystery Foods, Exposed!

What’s really in spam, non-dairy whipped topping, and other edible enigmas.

5 Nutrition Label Tricks to Avoid

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass reveals five nutrition label tricks manufacturers use to make food sound better than it is and how to avoid them when you hit the grocery store.

Popcorn Packs More Antioxidants Than Produce

Move over celery sticks! New research shows that popcorn actually has more antioxidants than fruits and veggies.

My Favorite Healthy Eating Shortcuts

There’s no excuse not to eat healthy with these easy short cuts! If you have five minutes you can make any of these healthy meals.

4 Yummy New Energy Bars from CLIF

This all-organic line of bars is nutritious and delicious! Find your favorite new flavor.

The Best and the Worst Girl Scout Cookies for You

While it's hard to call Girl Scout Cookies health food exactly, some varieties are better than others.

Move Over Doritos: 5 Better-for-You Chips to Snack On

Put down the Doritos! There are so many healthier chips on the grocery store shelves. Snack on these instead.

5 Delicious Diet Foods

Think diet foods have to be bland and boring? Try these five healthy and delicious food items that taste nothing like diet food.