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Why Chip Gaines Is Starting Small As He Trains for His First Marathon

"Every day of something to be proud of—because I'm making it happen."

Why a Swimrun Race Is the Crazy New Fitness Challenge You Need to Try

The sport of swimrun is taking off in the U.S. as triathletes look for a new challenge and shared experience with a BFF or S.O.

This Group Is Using Sports to Empower Teenage Girls In Morocco

"My philosophy with my own two kids was that if they did sports they'd be fearless."

How Running Helped One Woman Get (and Stay) Sober

"Breathing in fresh air will always remind me of how beautiful it is to be sober, to be alive, to be able to run."

I Went to Wine Yoga and Got Drunker Than I Expected

Yoga + wine = what a time to be alive!

What One Runner Learned from Her First Weekend Yoga Retreat

How one runner escaped her hectic city life and got in touch with her inner yogi.

What Happened When Shape Editors Swapped Workouts for a Month

Our editors decided to mix up their fitness to push their limits in new ways. See what they learned about themselves, their bodies, and their commitment along the way.

Training for a Half Marathon Was One of the Most Memorable Parts of My Honeymoon

What started as an effort to stay accountable led to an active two-week adventure.

How to Scare Yourself Into Being Stronger, Healthier, and Happier

IG was right: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

I'm a Fitness Writer and *Still* Get Body-Shamed When Shopping

The search for that little black dress could have crushed me, but I didn't let it.

What I Learned About Celebrating Little Wins After Getting Run Over By a Truck

You won't believe this inspiring story of perseverance.

Muay Thai Is the Most Badass Workout You Haven't Tried Yet

Literally the most badass thing I've ever done.

Giving Up My Scheduled Workout Regimen Made Me Fitter Than Ever

(And took the stress out of wedding planning!)

My Injury Doesn't Define How Fit I Am

Sometimes, the biggest setbacks teach us the biggest lessons.

How Finally Learning to Ride a Bicycle Helped Me Overcome My Fears

This woman proves it's never too late to face your fears.

Meet the Alvin Ailey Dancer Who Conquered CrossFit to Return to the Stage

Constance Stamatiou shares how weight training helped her overcome health obstacles and get her body confidence back.

This Woman Is Fighting for Sepsis Awareness After Almost Dying from the Disease

Sepsis is a leading cause of death in America, but not many people know about it.

My Son Could Die If the New Health Care Bill Is Passed

Trump's proposed health care law could be fatal for my son's "pre-existing condition."