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This Teacher Ran 100 Miles Around a Track to Help Her Students Go to College

"I wanted to find a way to inspire my students to keep going when they were struggling to get to their own finish lines."

What I Learned From Eating and Exercising According to My Zodiac Sign

One woman goes on a quest to discover if a sun sign can pinpoint her perfect sweat sesh.

I Got Hit By a Truck While Running—and It Forever Changed How I Look at Fitness

After having to start from scratch, Alyssa Exposito had a new outlook on exercise.

Watching My Mom Become a Yoga Teacher Taught Me a New Meaning of Strength

For once, I got to be her cheerleader instead of the other way around.

Why This Dietitian Is Changing Her View On Supplements

Here, she explains how she grew to understand that food can't always fix your problems.

What It's Like to Train for a Triathlon In Puerto Rico In the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

When the storm hit Puerto Rico, Carla Coira continued her triathlon training, but indoors.

I Lost My Leg to Cancer—Then Became an Amputee Model

When the support started pouring in on Instagram, this model realized how unique her story was—and how it could help other people, too.

This Mom's 8-Year-Old Daughter Motivated Her to Lose 110 Pounds

The mother-daughter duo started running in Central Park for fun.

I Gained 140 Pounds Battling Cancer. Here's How I Got My Health Back.

Cancer beat me down, but getting fit showed me that I'm stronger than I ever knew.

Why I'm Actually Grateful for My Lyme Disease

"Because of Lyme, I am stronger mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally."

Why Chip Gaines Is Starting Small As He Trains for His First Marathon

"Every day of something to be proud of—because I'm making it happen."

Why a Swimrun Race Is the Crazy New Fitness Challenge You Need to Try

The sport of swimrun is taking off in the U.S. as triathletes look for a new challenge and shared experience with a BFF or S.O.

This Group Is Using Sports to Empower Teenage Girls In Morocco

"My philosophy with my own two kids was that if they did sports they'd be fearless."

How Running Helped One Woman Get (and Stay) Sober

"Breathing in fresh air will always remind me of how beautiful it is to be sober, to be alive, to be able to run."

I Went to Wine Yoga and Got Drunker Than I Expected

Yoga + wine = what a time to be alive!

What One Runner Learned from Her First Weekend Yoga Retreat

How one runner escaped her hectic city life and got in touch with her inner yogi.

What Happened When Shape Editors Swapped Workouts for a Month

Our editors decided to mix up their fitness to push their limits in new ways. See what they learned about themselves, their bodies, and their commitment along the way.