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20 Genius DIY Gifts Found on Pinterest

Instead of baking another batch of cookies, craft something unique with these genius DIY gift ideas found on Pinterest.

The Truth Behind Those Inspirational Pinterest Quotes

Sometimes the words meant to inspire do anything but.

11 Ways to Eat More Plants

A cute Pinterest graphic to remind you to eat your fruits and veggies plus, mouthwatering recipes that will make you want to!

All Souped Up

With this chart (don’t forget to Pin it!) and one recipe, you can craft 10 different bowls of soup. It’s so easy, you’ll never use a can opener again.

The Best Ways to Use Social Media for Weight Loss

The support you need to drop pounds may be just a click away.

The Formula for the Best Smoothie

Follow this super easy (and Pin-able!) guide for a healthy, slurp-worthy drink featuring whatever flavors you desire.

Do You Suffer from Pinterest Stress?

The social media site is great for finding cute ideas, but it can also make you feel inferior when projects fail.

Pinspiration! 22 Images to Get You Moving

Need a little Pinspiration? These pics are worth 1000+ calories—burned!

Have a Healthy Super Bowl with the First Ever Pinterest #HealthBowl

Join SHAPE, Greatist, and NatureBox on Pinterest for the first ever #HealthBowl where you’ll get slimmed-down recipes, half-time workouts, and diet tips to help keep the buffalo chicken dip out of your endzone (i.e. hips and thighs).

Tweet Your Way Trim

Twitter isn’t only for following celebrities and venting about work; you can also use the social network to help you lose weight!

No-Heat Lunches to Bring to Work

Whether you’re on the go or your office has a bare bones kitchen, these 5 no-heat lunches will keep you satisfied and the PB & J at bay.

Turn Off the Tube to Turn Off Cravings

New research finds that watching your favorite celebrity chefs on TV may cause you to gain weight and eat junk food.

Motivation Monday: Start Your Week with Some Healthy Pinspiration

Need some healthy inspiration to get moving this week? These four pins will kick you into high gear.

Quinoa and Pinterest? Yes Please!

This convenient pin keeps all our favorite quinoa recipes like quinoa-crusted shrimp and quinoa black bean burgers in one place.

Form Check: Twisted Triangle Pose

This standing stretch massages digestive organs alleviating tummy troubles and improving metabolism. Learn how to do it right with this simple breakdown and illustration.

Is Pinterest Making You Fat? Break Your Food Porn Addiction

It's fun to look at I-lick-eat-my-screen photos of food, but research has found it could be bad for your health.

You Ate It? Negate It: Candy Corn

Find out what it takes to torch the calories in a handful of this classic Halloween treat and how it compares to other popular sweets.

SHAPE and SheKnows Launch Social Health and Fitness Survey

Tell us how social media affects your health and fitness and you’ll be entered to win $250.

Homemade Nutella and More Mouthwatering Pins

We dare you not to lick the spoon when you’re whipping up these sweet treats we found while perusing Pinterest.

A Pinnable Pool Workout

Beat the heat and feel the burn with this 30-minute swimming routine you can pin, print, and bring to the pool

4 Food Pins We Couldn’t Resist!

These Pinterest pins are a feast for the eyes but slimming on the stomach—well at least three of them are. The fourth is just too good to turn down!

Walk it Off!

It couldn’t get easier, pin this walking workout to your Pinterest board and get the fat-melting benefits of a jog—without running a single step. Not on Pinterest? Print it out!

How Pinterest Can Help You Lose Weight

There's never been a better excuse to spend time on Pinterest: It may help you lose weight!

Climb Your Way to a Better Body—in the Gym!

Blast nearly 300 calories in 20 minutes on your soon-to-be favorite cardio machine. Sure it pumps up your heart rate but you’ll also tone your shoulders, arms, back, legs, and butt.

Finding Motivation for That First Run

With every excuse NOT to workout I took to Pinterest to find the motivation to get out the door and get it done. Hope my top motivators get you on your way too!