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plastic surgery

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The Ripple Effect of Weight Loss Surgery

A new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that a majority people are going under the knife to slim down.

6 Things I Learned From My Botched Boob Job

One woman shares how bad plastic surgery helped her learn to love her body.

Temporary Breast Implants Give You "Vacation Boobs"

24-hour drive-thrus, pharmacies, and now...vacation boob jobs?

12 Things Plastic Surgeons Wish They Could Tell You

We asked one top doc what he wishes he could tell his patients before going under the knife.

A Revealing Look at the Thigh Gap Surgery Trend

Just in time for summer, a new procedure promises to give you that enviable thigh gap.

New Trend: Hand Lifts for Engagement Ring Selfies

That’s right: There is a surgery to help your hands look younger in your “I’m getting married!” photos on social media.

New Bra Surgery Promises Permanently Perky Boobs

A few women in the U.K. have gone under the knife for permanently perky boobs, but here's why you should stick with your favorite push-up.

Cinderella Foot Surgery Trend Promises Happily Ever After—for Your Feet

Do you think your feet are ugly, your toes are fat, or your nails misshapen? No worries, there's a surgery for that!

What Really Helps Get Rid of Cellulite

Say goodbye to cottage-cheese thighs for good with these proven tricks—plus hear about the promising new procedure.

The Truth About "Holistic" Plastic Surgery

Is it the future of cosmetic treatments or oxymoron of the year? Learn more about this growing trend and what it really means.

Would You Get Labiaplasty to Look Like Barbie?

Whether for aesthetic purposes or health reasons, more and more women are turning to doctors to nip, tuck, and trim their lady parts.

Could Social Media Drive You to Have Plastic Surgery?

You'll never guess why increasing numbers of women are going under the knife to enhance their appearances.

Women Who Try Out Different Breast Sizes Choose Bigger Ones in Surgery

A new "try before you buy" bra developed by a British surgeon allows plastic surgery patients to try out differently sized breasts before deciding on a size.

Is Social Media Leading to More Plastic Surgery?

Tricks to put your best "face" forward without taking drastic measures.