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The No. 1 Way to Keep Metabolism Soaring Post-Workout

Keep burning fat long after you've untied your shoes, showered, and settled in at your desk with this easy trick.

New Cheerios Has More Protein—and More Sugar

Instead of digging into this cereal, try our Weight Loss Coach's sugar-free way to amp up your bowl’s protein.

Your Post-Weekend Detox Meal Plan

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Is Whey Protein the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

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9 Smart Snack Swaps for a Better Body

Your between-meal bites probably aren’t as healthy as you think. Use these tweaks to make them more energizing, satisfying, and beneficial for your body and mind.

High-Protein Diet Linked to Cancer, Death, Study Finds

A new study says high-protein diets may lead to a shorter life, but don’t put down that post-workout shake yet!

SHAPE Shares: Can You Keep a Secret?

New research says it’s better to blab than keep secrets, and get the latest on protein bars, perfect relationships, and more.

15 Simply Brilliant Healthy Eating Tips

Leading experts share their top effortless advice for eating clean, staying energized, and making dessert part of your diet.

10 Portable High-Protein Snacks

Be ready when hunger attacks by packing one of these satisfying bites in your purse or gym tote.

Ask the Diet Doctor: What's Up with the Hemp Seeds Hype?

You can find these seeds in a lot of packaged foods and you may sprinkle them into oatmeal or on salads, but is all the talk just hype?

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Low-Carb Pancakes

This low-carb, nutrient-packed recipe will change the way you think about pancakes for good.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Complete and Incomplete Proteins

Learn what makes a protein complete and find out if your diet is providing the nutrients you need to build muscle and burn fat.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Assessing Packaged Foods

These 6 guidelines will help ensure that only the healthiest products end up in your grocery cart.

The Best Breakfast for You

How to give your body and brain the fuel they need, whether you work out, want to lose weight, or are running out the door in the a.m.

Double Up Your Protein to Lose Weight While Maintaining Muscle

A new study says eating twice the recommended protein leads to lost pounds without lost muscle. Should you give this plan a try?

3 Fresh and Fast Recipes for Weight Loss

Hit the farmers’ market or your backyard, and you can whip up a waist-shrinking meal or snack in minutes.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Eating Before a Morning Workout

The Diet Doctor eliminates one of your excuses.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Why Is My Pee Bright Yellow?

Our Diet Doctor explains why your drink turns your pee bright yellow.

11 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Do your body a favor and follow these tips to maintain your weight.

The Many Benefits of Greek Yogurt

This nutritious snack has more benefits than you may realize.

3 Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

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Get the Scoop on Protein Powders

Our breakdown of the top 6 protein powders will help you find the best one for your dietary preferences and personal needs.

12 Tasty Alternatives to Energy Gels

Keep going strong all run or ride long with these to-go pick-me-ups that won’t make you gag.

Is Soy Healthy?

Clear up any confusion on whether soy foods are safe and healthy to consume or if you should avoid them.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Dairy Healthy?

Our Diet Doctor reveals whether milk truly does a body good.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Worst Post-Workout Snacks

Go ahead and splurge after the gym, but be sure you indulge in the right foods.