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5 Ways You're Practicing Gratitude Wrong

Spoiler alert: Bragging on Instagram is one of them.

How You Felt About Gym Class May Explain How You Feel About Exercise Now

So that's why you hate dragging your ass to barre class...

Here's Why We're All So Obsessed with Meghan Markle

Besides the fact that she's like, really pretty.

In Defense of Not Being Social All of the Time

Did you know your brain can only handle five meaningful relationships at once?

There’s a *Right* Way to Be Optimistic—Are You Doing It Wrong?

This modern, saner, smarter approach will make you healthier, happier, and more successful.

Science Confirms People Who Work Hard Also Want to Play Hard

The more motivated you are to crush your goals, the more motivated you'll be to #treatyoself.

This Is the One Personality Trait Your Genes Don't Control

And it might explain why people who have all the "good" genes may be more successful but not necessarily happier.

Your Instagram Addiction Is Actually Making You Happier

#sorrynotsorry for being the obnoxious friend with the camera.

Is Facebook Making You Drink?

The social media platform can have a serious impact on your boozing habits, according to a new study.

Are Antidepressants the New Cure-All?

Spoiler alert: No. But the way doctors are over-prescribing them might make you think they are.

Try This Easy Trick to Stop a Panic Attack Before It Starts

There's nothing scarier than a panic attack, but there is something you can do (right now!) to stop them.

Friends Are Better Than Painkillers

Why pop a pill when you can surround yourself with pals?

WTH Is Really Going On During Mercury Retrograde?

The thrice-annual astrological period has a lot of people blaming their bad luck on the stars.

Science Definitively Proves Blondes Aren't Dumb

The color of my hair may be fun and flirty, but it doesn't make me less intelligent. Now, there's proof.

Here's Another Great Reason to Put Down Your Smartphone

Or at least think about why you can't stop picking it up.

Proof That Listening to Music Makes You More Active

Blasting your tunes boosts your mood and increases your daily calorie burn, says a new study.

Why Are Some To Dos Just So Hard to Get Done?

What tasks you dodge can help you understand yourself better.

Rom-Coms Aren't Just Unrealistic, They Can Actually Be Bad For You

Science confirms that watching The Notebook can actually bad for you.

A Messy Kitchen Could Lead to Weight Gain

New research shows that cluttered kitchens lead you to consume more calories.

Positive Thinking (Without the Right Parameters!) Can Actually Make You Depressed

Guess it's time to stop fantasizing about becoming Beyoncé...

Your Attitude Toward Aging Can Have a Direct Effect On Your Health

Seriously, there's power behind positive thinking.

Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

Optimism experts reveal the truth behind the glass-half-full mindset.

Here's Why You Should Lobby Your Boss for a Flexible Schedule

Just tell her it's for the sake of your health!