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9 Juice Pulp Recipes to Stop Wasting Perfectly Good Fruits and Veggies

Don't let your fruit and veggies go to waste—literally.

Following a Dairy-Free, Raw Vegan Diet Finally Helped My Horrible Acne

After 10 years of trying every treatment imaginable, she realized food was the fix

What's Certified C.L.E.A.N. and Certified R.A.W. and Should You Care If It's On Your Food?

Cut through the BS and pay attention to the certs that actually matter.

The Raw Food Diet Facts You Need to Know

Read this before going totally raw

The Most Popular Diets In America Prove That We're Pretty Extreme with Our Eating

The two most popular diets in America are basically total opposites.

Raw Desserts That Will Seriously Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Don't be fooled by the words healthy and raw. These desserts are de-li-cious.

4 Gorgeous and Light Raw Food Recipes

From walnut and beet ravioli to coconut mango bavarois, these dishes taste fresh and bright, and will leave you feeling the same.

How to Make a Delicious Raw Mango Bavarois

Use vanilla coconut cream in place of dairy for a light, satisfying tropical dessert.

How to Make a Beautiful Radicchio and Endive Salad

Fresh, vibrantly colored ingredients and edible flowers make this delicious and healthy meal a crowd pleaser.

5 Light and Healthy No-Cook Recipes

Eating a plant-based raw diet is totally approachable with these delicious recipes from the new book Eat Raw, Not Cooked.

How to Make Raw Beet and Walnut Ravioli

Reinvent the Italian fave by replacing noodles with beets, filling with herbed walnuts, and topping with creamy poppy seed sauce.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Raw Diet

Matthew Kenney, raw food chef and guru, explains the benefits of raw vegan foods and the best way to ease into the eating style.

How to Make Raw Vegan Carrot Noodles with Tomatoes

Using carrots instead of noodles doesn’t only cut carbs and look beautiful, it also makes for a dinner with layers of enticing flavors.

Why Matthew Kenney Became a Raw Food Chef

The celebrated chef and restaurateur explains how going from classically trained NYC cook to raw vegan transformed his health.

9 Signs You’re on a Fad Diet

Before you go trying the latest weight-loss craze, see if it passes this test for being healthy and meeting its promises.

DASH Diet Named Best Diet Fourth Year in a Row

See how the experts ranked the popular Paleo diet compared to Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers, the DASH diet, and more.

8 Banned Foods to Keep in Your Diet

Ignore the rules for paleo, low-carb, and other diets. Giving up these foods could make you less healthy and add pounds.

Green Smoothie and Raw Truffle Recipes

Getting your daily dose of leafy greens is easy with this liquid power meal.

11 Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes

You'll never believe the nutrition stats on these decadent treats are true!

Same Diet, Different Results? Here’s Why

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass explains why some diets may actually lead to weight gain and how to prevent this pitfall.

How Kourtney Kardashian Influenced My Diet

I never would have touched this super-healthy snack if it weren’t for Kourtney Kardashian!

Raw Fruits and Veggies Help Turn Off Heart Disease Gene

Although all fruits and veggies help to prevent disease, raw produce may specifically help reduce risk of heart disease.

How I Make it Easy: My Raw Food Diet

The truth about raw food diets. One raw foodie reveals why sticking to raw foods is simple, plus her top tips for raw food diet success.

Changing to a Raw Food Diet

From understanding why you’re changing to a raw food diet to learning how to slowly and steadily switch to eating unprocessed foods, this article will give you the info you need to confidently switch to a raw diet.