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Margo Hayes Is the Young Badass Rock Climber You Need to Know

Margo Hayes may look small, but she's one of the most powerful rock climbers in the world.

The 20-Mile Hike That Finally Made Me Appreciate My Body

"I hiked, I cried, I listened to Beyoncé."

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Start with a flow and see where it takes you

How to Wake Up Early for a Morning Workout, According to Women Who Do It at 4 A.M.

Because there's a BIG difference between 7 a.m. and 4 a.m.

I Cancelled My Gym Membership and Got In the Best Shape of My Life

Life begins when you stop forcing yourself onto treadmills.

These Women Prove Running Can Help You Get Through Tough Times

No, this isn't another story about how to get a "runner's high."

I Was Fat Shamed By My Doctor and Now I'm Hesitant to Go Back

Fat shaming by doctors is real—and it's a health hazard.

I Lost My Leg In the Boston Marathon Bombing and I Appreciate My Body More Than Ever

I'm going to do everything on one leg I never did on two—including a triathlon!

The Hiking Gear Essentials for Your Next Adventure

Planning a hike over the mountains and through the woods? We've got the perfect gear to keep you safe and stylish!

How One Woman Lost 110 Pounds Before Her Wedding

She dropped over 100 pounds with no crazy dieting or quick-fix weight-loss scams

How Roller Derby Helped Me Finally See Myself As An Athlete

Roller blades, intimidating names, and powerful women? Check, check, and check.

I'm 300 Pounds and I Found My Dream Job—In Fitness

Once mocked at the gym for her weight, Kenlie Tieggman now works there, making sure everyone feels comfortable working out.

Special Olympian Becomes First Model with Down Syndrome to Land Beauty Campaign

Katie Meade is breaking barriers in the sports and beauty worlds.

Meet Dilys Price, the Oldest Female Skydiver In the World

Watch how she cheats death with every jump.

The Moment I Knew I Was a Runner

Sometimes, we find runspiration in the most unexpected places (and races).

Do Emojis Limit Girls to Stereotypes?

Emojis may seem innocent, but the new Always #LikeAGirl video shows they send subtle messages that hold girls back.

Why You Should Be More Body Positive This Year

Because body positivity is so much better than negging on yourself.

This Woman's Response to Fat Shaming at the Gym Will Make You Want to Cheer

Kenlie Tiggeman didn't get revenge, she got something even better.

This Woman Is Running a Marathon on Every Continent

The reason why will give you all the feels.

Women In the Military Can Now Hold Combat Positions

Female heroes can now serve on the front line for the U.S. military, just like men.