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What Is the Carnivore Diet and Is It Healthy?

The latest diet trend takes low-carb to the extreme.

Tick Bite Meat Allergy Cases Are On the Rise

You'll want to read this before your next barbecue—trust us!

Why This Dietitian Started Eating Meat After 18 Years of Being a Vegetarian

She's debunking the all-or-nothing approach to eating and diets.

There's One Big Thing Missing from the 'What the Health' Documentary

The dynamic documentary dives into the food industry and veganism, but there's a big opportunity the filmmakers missed.

Is Red Meat *Really* Bad for You?

Whether you're all about that beef or more veggie-centric, here's what science has to say about the topic.

Your Vegetarian Meat Substitutes May Be Full of Lies

Apparently, opting for vegetarian doesn't actually guarantee you're meat-free.

Bacon, Ham, and Other Processed Meats Are Carcinogenic, WHO Announces

The World Health Organization says it's time to add bacon, sausage, and hot dogs to list of things that cause cancer.

Iron-Rich Foods May Lead to Overeating and Weight Gain

And you're probably getting ready to grill it this Labor Day.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is Smoked Food Bad for You?

There has been buzz about the potential cancer risk of eating these delicious foods. Is it true? Our diet doctor has the scoop.

Is This Why Most Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat?

A new survey finds that only 10 percent of people actually stick to a vegetarian diet.

Bored with Beef and Chicken? Try Zebra Steaks

This exotic meat contains fewer calories than beef, has less saturated fat than chicken, and is a good source of omega 3s. Are you up for trying it?

"Pink Slime" Returns Just in Time for Grilling Season

Just in time for grilling season, the controversial meat product is making a comeback.

Red Meat Consumption May Be Linked to Breast Cancer

A new study suggests a link between the two, but read this before you give up those kebabs!

Mad Cow Disease Pops Up in the U.S. with Fourth Confirmed Death

Rare but fatal, Mad Cow has recently claimed another U.S. victim. Here's how to protect yourself from this deadly disease.

Eating More Red Meat May Boost Diabetes Risk

A new study says eating more red meat can boost your risk of diabetes. Should you give it up completely?

New Findings on Red Meat's Link to Heart Disease

A study has discovered it's not just saturated fat and cholesterol that you have to worry about. Learn how to protect your ticker.

Avoid Food Poisoning: 3 Tips For Safely Handling Raw Meat

Don't let a recent salmonella outbreak prevent you from taking full advantage of grilling season! We've got the tips you need to know about handling raw meat safely and carefully.

10 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Steer clear of these surprising foods that cause inflammation.

Get Healthy with Antioxidants

Find out what healthy foods you should be eating to protect your body.