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I Ran a Half Marathon In Sneakers I Had Never Even Tried On Before

I ran in the Adidas Ultra Boost 19—a new and improved version of the brand's most popular running shoe.

Wool Sneakers That'll Make You See Past Synthetic Knits

Forget fancy synthetic knits—hot shoe brands and going a more natural route with wool.

The Absolute Best Gear for Long-Distance Runs

Here's what you need to stay comfortable while going long and strong.

Nike Just Launched the Zoom Pegasus Turbo—and It's Their Most Advanced Running Sneaker to Date

Nike is about to up your running game with a new sneaker that will have you setting PRs.

The Best Waterproof Running Gear

Don't let Mother Nature rain on your parade.

I Own 80+ Pairs of Sneakers but Wear These Almost Every Day

No, this is not an ad, and I'm not being paid to say this.

Donut-Inspired Shoes Are Here to Celebrate the Boston Marathon

These sneakers are sweetest thing to ever come out of the iconic race—sprinkles included!

The New Balance Minnie Mouse Collection Is Adorable Athleisure

New Balance just launched some cute sneakers that'll put an extra hop in your box jump.

Fabletics Just Launched Their First Line of Shoes

Prices are just as affordable as you'd expect from the brand. (But there's a catch.)

8 Essential Safety Tips Every Trail Runner Should Know

Make no mistake—trail running is NOT like running around the neighborhood.

These New Adidas Shoes Are Made Almost Entirely from Ocean Garbage

This is a trend we'd love to see take, er, swim off.

These Sneakers Are a Running Coach and Tracker Inside Your Foot

This shoe takes running tech to a whole. new. level.

The Best Workout Shoes for Acing Every Kind of Exercise

From WODs to long runs to spin class—the best footwear for every workout

Should You Wear Minimalist Running Shoes?

There is a time and a place (and a workout) for every kind of shoe

Brilliant Running Tips That Prevent Foot Pain

Run faster and prevent injury with these tips.

Converse Kicks Are Getting an Athletic Upgrade

The traditional flat-bottom lace-ups are looking more and more like gym shoes

10 Minimalist Running Shoes for Any Style

Lightweight. Comfortable. Free.

These Sneaker Instagrams Will Inspire You to Take Your Workout Outside

You'll never want to see a mirror #shoefie again.

Incredible New Sneakers That Will Change the Way You Work Out

These game-changers will make your feet so happy.

The Future Is Here: Nike Introduces Self-Lacing Sneakers

Forget tying your shoes, this new lacing technology gives you the perfect fit with the push of a button.

Before You Buy New Running Shoes, Check This Site

That is, if you want to find the cheapest price the Internet has to offer.

Two Game-Changing Qualities Your Running Shoes Should Have

These features could make or break your stride.

Is It Dangerous to Run in Old Running Shoes?

If your running sneakers have been through the ringer but you're desperate to go for a jog, should you lace up your cross-trainers? Our expert weighs in.