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serving sizes

An Infographic of Serving Sizes for Your Favorite Healthy Foods

Make sure you're not ODing on healthy foods with a handy nutrition chart that'll help you keep portion sizes and calories in check.

Feel Satisfied Eating Less

A handful of chips (or less!) may be all you need to quash a salt craving, if you follow this simple advice.

40 Crunchy and Creamy Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Kick your craving for something crunchy or creamy without guilt!

5 Ways to Stop Overeating

These real-world tips will help you see where you've been eating too much (or not enough) so you can slim down faster.

Ask the Diet Doctor: How Much Should I Eat at Thanksgiving Dinner?

Tricks to enjoy all your fave foods without feeling like a stuffed turkey.

Ask the Diet Doctor: What's the Best Way to Measure Portions?

Keep your calories and waistline in control without obsessing over exact serving sizes.

L.A.'s New Portion-Size Campaign

The city has a new anti-obesity campaign, it can help you can learn about proper serving sizes for weight loss, wherever you live.

5 Nutrition Label Tricks to Avoid

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass reveals five nutrition label tricks manufacturers use to make food sound better than it is and how to avoid them when you hit the grocery store.

Healthy Portion Sizes with Guest Blogger Kendra Peterson

Learn to serve yourself healthy portion sizes and tricks to stop eating when you’re given too much.

10 Times Serving Size Matters Most

We reveal just the right dose to reap the most health benefits!

5 Tips for Ordering a Healthy Smoothie

Whether you're at your local juice bar or a national chain, ordering a smoothie can be a little challenging sometimes. After all, what sounds healthy and low-calorie on the menu may be anything but good for you.

Simple Tricks to Estimate Serving Size

Take the guesswork out of portion sizes with these easy references!

New Report Recommends a Points-Based Nutrition Rating System

Most of us are used to flipping a food package over and taking a look-see at the nutrition label, but that might change with the new points-based food system Congress recommends.