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IUDs Might Help Reduce Your Risk of Cervical Cancer, Study Says

"The possibility that a woman could experience some help with cancer control at the same time she is making contraception decisions could potentially be very, very impactful."

This Woman Took Selfies with Catcallers to Make a Point About Street Harassment

She wants people to know that this is something women face every day.

"Stealthing" Is Most Definitely Sexual Assault and It's Time the Law Recognized It As Such

Some dudes are sneakily removing their condoms during sex, aka "stealthing." And it's more than just flat-out wrong—it's assault.

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Guys Are Putting Stickers On Their Urethras to Avoid Condoms, and You Shouldn't Stand for It

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Women Are Putting Glitter Bombs In Their Vaginas

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5 Ways Having Sex Can Improve Your Workout

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BDSM Saved My Failing Marriage from Divorce

Our relationship is stronger than ever.

There's Now a Fitness Tracker for Your Sex Life

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How to Have the Safest Sex Possible Every Time You Get Busy

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