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Yes, Putting Jade Eggs In Your Vagina Is As Crazy As It Sounds

The brand also agreed to pay $145,000 after an investigation found their jade egg health claims weren't scientifically backed.

Why Are STD Rates So High In the U.S.?

Here's how to protect yourself from the growing health crisis.

How Often Do You Really Need to Get a Pap Test?

Spoiler: You don't need one every year.

This New Contraceptive Vaginal Ring Can Be Used for an Entire Year

This is going to be a game-changer in the contraceptive world.

Is It Possible to Have a ‘Peegasm’ from Holding Your Pee?

People are apparently trying hold their pee to have a 'peegasm'. Yup.

The FDA Just Issued a Major Warning About Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Procedures

The FDA just issued a major warning about the "energy-based" procedures.

This Biohacking Vibrator Is Like a Fitbit for Your Vagina

Using biofeedback sensors, it can literally send you a graph of your orgasm.

MG Is the Next Potential STI Superbug Posing a Threat to Your Health

It's often asymptomatic, and can even lead to fertility.

What Does the Color of Your Discharge Really Mean?

Are you in the clear? (Yep, pun intended. You're welcome.)

Is It Safe to Have Sex on the Beach Or In a Pool?

...and safety tips in case you still don't plan on giving it up.

French Lawmakers Want to Fine Catcallers On the Spot for Harassing Women

The country is cracking down on sexual harassment.

Why You’re More Likely to Get an STI During Your Period

Protection is a must always, but especially this time of the month.

Everything You Need to Know About Going Off the Pill

Whether you're stopping hormonal BC altogether or just switching forms.

How Often Should You *Really* Get Tested for STDs?

Mingling? An annual checkup is the bare minimum.

The Infuriating Reason Young Women Aren't Getting Tested for STDs

A new survey reveals the real reason young women aren't getting tested for STDs.

Everything You Need to Know About Crabs (or Pubic Lice)

How to know when that's an average itch—or actually pubic lice

3 Surprising Ways a Vegetarian Diet Can Boost Your Sex Life

You diet has more of an effect you your sexual health than you probably realize.