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Woman Shares Eye-Opening Photos About the Effects of Tanning on Her Skin

It's well known that sun exposure isn't good for your skin, but this 45-year-old mom wants you to see just how bad it can actually get.

Khloé Kardashian Had a Skin Cancer Scare

"I urge you to check yourself frequently"

Does Sunscreen Really Block Vitamin D Production?

If this is your excuse for skipping SPF, prepare yourself—we asked a dermatologist for the final word.

Why More Tanning Means Less Vitamin D

The tanner you are, the less your skin absorbs the vitamin, according to a new study

Are There *Really* Health Benefits to Sunbathing?

A new study finds avoiding the sun is just as bad for your health as smoking. Here's why you shouldn't forget the importance of practicing safe sun just yet.

Can a Niacin Vitamin Help Lower Your Skin Cancer Risk?

An exciting new study shows how taking a form of B3 vitamin can prevent future skin cancers.

How One Trip to the Dermatologist Saved My Skin

My outlook on skincare will never be the same.

Your Skin Cancer Risk, Ranked By State

Sometimes, it's not about how often you're exposed to the sun.

Consuming Citrus Could Up Your Skin Cancer Risk

Headed to the beach? If you ate this for lunch, you may need to double up on the sunscreen.

Scary Medical Diagnoses Young Women Don't Expect

Learn the symptoms so you can protect yourself before serious health problems strike.

People Are Still Tanning Despite Rising Melanoma Rates

The rising rate of melanoma gives whole new meaning to a killer tan—but people still aren't protecting themselves from the sun.

Miami Beach Introduces Free Sunscreen Dispensers

Thanks to free sunscreen dispensers, the city may soon be ditching its reputation for bronzed, baked skin.

Ultraviolet Radiation Causes Skin Damage—Even When You're Indoors

Not only can sun damage happen during winter, but a new study suggests that your skin could be harmed hours after exposure.

More Moles Could Mean Increased Breast Cancer Risk

New research says the number of spots on your skin correlates with your risk of the big C, but the reason may surprise you.

Consumer Reports Says Some Sunscreen SPF Claims Are Inaccurate

Consumer Reports says not every bottle can be trusted, but that’s no reason to skip your sun protection.