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How to Quit Juul—and Why It's So Damn Hard

FYI, they may be even more addictive than cigarettes.

What Is Juul and Is It Better for You Than Smoking?

This type of e-cigarette is taking over the market, but that doesn't mean you should use it.

Are E-Cigarettes Bad for You?

Vaping is growing in popularity, but doctors warn that electronic cigs may not be as safe as they seem.

These Artsy Photos Send the Wrong Message About Smoking

And the captions don't make it any better.

Pulling Cigarettes from Drugstore Shelves Is Actually Helping People Smoke Less

According to new research from the pharmacy, at least.

Smoking Affects Your DNA—Even Decades After You Quit

Scientific evidence that picking up that cigarette is just as bad for your future-self as you think it is.

Is Hookah Really a Safer Way to Smoke?

Find out how the water pipe compares to cigs

Exciting New Laws Reshaping Healthcare in the U.S.

From larger birth control supplies to limited cigarette purchases, 2015 has been a big win for America's public health system.

New Yoga Class Has Yogis Get High Before Posing

Yoga is all about reaching a higher level of consciousness—and this class practically guarantees it.

3 Suprisingly Harmful Habits That Can Shorten Your Life

These things you do every day could be hurting your wellbeing more than you realize

That Girls Night Out Cigarette Isn't a Harmless Habit

Even health-conscious Gwyneth Paltrow admits to smoking socially, but taking just one drag can put your health at risk.

Secondhand Smoke Might Be Making You Gain Weight

That myth that cigarettes can help keep you slim? A new study blows smoke at it.

The Best Country to Be a Female Entrepreneur, How Your iPad Makes You Gain Weight, and Panera's Pledge to Keep Ingredients Clean

If you're a woman hoping to make it big in business, you're in luck if you live in one of these places.

Shape Shares: Fight Breast Cancer with Peaches

The juicy summer fruit may help slow the growth of breast cancer, and the latest on e-cigs and the healthcare contraception mandate lawsuit.

The Science Behind Why You Get the Munchies

Scientists have discovered why inhaling can make you want to inhale an entire order of lo mein.

A Third of Cancers Are Preventable, Study Finds

There are many reasons why people get cancer. But one of them? Lifestyle choices. A new study found that four common lifestyle factors may be responsible for one-third of all cancers.

Stop Smoking With the Great American Smokeout

The Great American Smokeout is Thursday. This 36th-annual event by the American Cancer Society encourages smokers to use the date of November 17 to either make a plan to quit, or to plan in advance and quit smoking on that day. So, because we want everyon

5 Things You Should Know About Lung Cancer

November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about this fast-acting, deadly disease.

Help for Quitting Smoking Is Just a Text Message Away

Government unveils two new cell-phone based smoking cessation programs.

Lung Cancer Rates on the Decline

As fewer people light up, there are fewer cases of lung cancer.

New Cigarette Smoking Report Shows Good, Bad

The number of heavy cigarette smokers drop while light smokers are on the rise.