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Make This Healthy Carbonated Drink to Break Your Soda Habit

Ditch your go-to soda for this unsweetened alternative.

New Coke Plus Diet Soda Claims to Do Wonders for Your Health

Can a soft drink really make you healthier? Ha! Probably not.

Cool Pics That Capture the Crazy-High Sugar Content of Popular Drinks

These shocking images reveal why we can't ignore the sugar we're sipping.

The Worst Drinks for Your Body

It's easy to grab one of these diet disasters when you're thirsty or tired, but after reading this, we guarantee you won't be tempted again.

Fish Is Even Better for You Than We Thought, Why Starbucks Always Gets Your Name Wrong, and Why Americans Aren't Getting Married

It's not what you think! Plus, a surprising new benefit to eating fish, more Americans skipping "I Do," and how two teen girls are hoping to change the way we look at periods.

Spanx Is Making Jeans Now, the Idea of "Soul Mates" May Be Hurting Your Relationship, and Americans Are Cleaning Up Their Diets

To promote "thigh-thinning construction." We don't think we'll be wearing them, how about you?

Ask the Diet Doctor: Foods That Make You Bloated

Carbonated drinks are a no-brainer, but try to avoid these other foods to feel your best in a bikini or tight clothes.

New York City Loses Final Appeal to Ban Big Sodas

The city has lost its final appeal. Will you be celebrating with an extra-large soda?

Starbucks Adds Soda to the Menu

Starting tomorrow, the coffee giant will offer handcrafted colas to help you chill down.

Can You Exercise Away a Bad Diet? New Coca-Cola Ad Says Yes

That's the philosophy Coca-Cola seems to be going for with its new ad. Here's why it's not so simple.

Why You Should Take the New Diet Soda Study with a Grain of Salt

The research doesn’t actually say that zero-calorie cola is better than water, as you may have heard. Here’s the truth!

Pepsi to Launch Soda “Made with Real Sugar”

Starting this summer, rumor has it you’ll be able to enjoy cola made without HFCS—but does that make it any better for you?

PepsiCo Board Member Named President of Institute of Medicine

The appointment has some crying foul over conflict of interest. What does this mean for your health and what do you think?

9 Common Foods That Contain Toxic Ingredients

Trade common foods with scary ingredients for these tasty, additive-free alternatives.

Are Coca-Cola's Anti-Obesity Ads Enough?

Coca-Cola recently debuted new advertisements to supposedly help fight obesity, but we're not sure they're much help.

Should Large Portions of Soda Be Outlawed?

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass reveals why the proposed soda tax won’t work and what we can do instead.

Another Reason to Ditch Diet Soda

Statistically speaking diet soda drinkers are more likely to be overweight or obese and at risk for a variety of health issues. Read on and learn how to kick the habit.

How to Lose 10 Pounds Without Starving (Or Putting It Right Back On)

Experts share their best weight loss tips for how to lose weight fast—no matter what your timeline.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Can Diet Soda Make You Fat?

Our Diet Doctor settles the debate once and for all.

11 Nutrition Myths That Can Cause Weight Gain

Our nutrition expert sets the record straight to help you lose the weight.

Two Sodas a Day Found to Raise the Risk of Heart Disease in Women

We all know that sugary soft drinks are full of empty calories. Now, a new study suggests that just two sodas per day increases your chance of developing heart disease, even if you don't gain weight.

Diet Strategies: Which Drink Has Fewer Calories?

Test your calorie IQ and find out which beverage is better for weight loss.

The Downside of Diet Sodas

They may be good for your weight, but those sugar-free sodas aren't doing your smile any favors. 

Sugar Shock

Hidden sweets may be sabotaging your health and weight.