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time-saving tips

The Instant Pot Duo Plus Is On Sale On Amazon and You Don't Have Any Time to Waste

Even if your wallet's still reeling from Amazon's Black Friday blowout, you can afford it!

7 Vegetarian Meal-Prep Ideas with Just 10 Ingredients

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Time-Saving Healthy Cooking Hacks From Blue Apron's Head Chef

As a busy dad and the culinary director of Blue Apron, Johnathan Adler has perfected how to prep a quick meal.

5 Healthy Frozen Foods That Make Healthy Eating Easier

If you're usually exhausted at the mere thought of cooking, stock up on these frozen ingredients.

15-Minute Meals That Turn Solo Dinners Into a Treat

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The Fastest Way to Ripen a Rock-Hard Avocado

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10 Healthy Recipes You Can Make In the Time It Takes to Pre-Heat the Oven

For a hassle-free meal that won't weigh—or slow—you down, make one of these mouthwatering dishes in under 20 minutes.

Fantastic Freezer Meals to Make Your Life Easier

Cook healthy meals, like Chicken Cacciatore and Blueberry Zucchini Muffins, ahead of time so you never have to compromise on taste because you're in a hurry.

5 Easy Ways to Start Your Day Stress-Free

Is every a.m. a struggle for you? Here's your guide to reclaiming your mornings.

How to Be More Productive at Work in One Easy Step

Tapping into your ultradian rhythms can get help you get more done effortlessly.

Never Wait In Line Again!

Speed through hospital wait times, customer service calls, checkout lanes, and more with these smart strategies.

9 Microwave Recipes That'll Save You Time

The microwave isn't just for nuking leftovers—you can also whip up delicious meals (and save serious time!).

9 Shortcuts to Slash Your Cooking Time

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15 Seconds to Spotlight-Stealing Strands

From brush types to blunt cuts, Hollywood hair guru Robert Vetica shares his best-kept secrets for getting gorgeous locks.

7 Cooking Secrets That Slash Time, Money, and Calories

How to buy what you need, eat what you buy, and keep your diet in control.

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9 "Time Wasters" That Are Actually Productive

Find out why not doing your work may be the best way to tackle that to-do list in record time.

Back to the Grind: Fitting Fitness into the Hectic Fall

Life often gets busier as temps cool down, but that's no reason to skip your sweat sesh. You definitely have time for these workouts.

5 Quick Exercises for Fat-Blasting Cardio

Shorten your cardio time with this efficient workout from fitness coach Erin Stutland.

The Two-in-One Beauty Tool for Instant Cheekbones

Benefit's new two-in-one cheek and lip tint will simplify your makeup routine.

10-Minute Total-Body Workout with Jessica Smith

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5 Bad Excuses for Skipping a Midday Workout

We bust 5 common excuses for skipping a midday workout. How many are you guilty of making?

The 60-Second Fat Blast Workout

6 moves to solve your "I'm-too-busy-to-exercise" dilemma.

Stay Fit on the Fly: 12-Minute, Do-Anywhere Workout

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