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Tony Horton's Circuit Workout for a Total-Body Burn

In the first installment of our Summer Shape-Up series, get your body bikini-ready with this all-in-one workout that slims, trims, and tones at super speed.

Tony Horton's Full-Body Circuit for Beach Season

Slim, trim, and tone with the first installment in the Summer Shape-Up series from the man behind <em>P90X</em>.

Tony Horton’s No. 1 Trick for Your Best Body

The P90x creator shares his secrets for sticking to a fitness routine and which type of workout he recommends most.

Tony Horton's Top 4 Moves

The fitness expert and P90X creator’s unique combo of moves target your upper body, core, and legs.

Tony Horton Introduces All-New P90X3 Workout

Fitness expert Tony Horton shares what sets the brand-new workout program apart from the original P90X.

P90X Workout Creator Tony Horton's "Impossible" Push Up

See what happened when we tried this tricky move!

Top 30 Motivators for 2013

Meet the health and fitness powerhouses that can help you change your life, starting now!

We Tried It: Tony Horton’s Warrior Workout

Can you handle the P90X creator's total-body routine? Here's how to try it at home!

Tony Horton's Top 3 Tips to Get You Moving

Even Tony Horton has days where he doesn't feel like exercising. Read on to find out how he pushes himself to do it anyway.

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Tony Horton Introduces New P90X iPhone App

Fit in a killer workout when you're on the go!

10 Reasons You Should Try P90X

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