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total-body exercises

'12 Moves of Christmas' with the Tone It Up Girls

Get fit while getting into the Christmas spirit.

Total-Body Wonder Woman Workout for Superhero Strength

Unleash your inner superhero. [No cape required.]

Celebrity Trainer Lacey Stone Shares Her 20-Minute 'Revenge Body' Workout

A 20-minute full-body workout that's all about lifting heavy.

This Intense Total-Body Workout Will Burn a Ton of Calories

You'll burn off that cheat-day burger with the 500 reps.

Forget Planks—Crawling Just Might Be the Best Core Exercise Ever

#TBT your workout all the way back to your toddler days.

The High-Intensity Workout That Sculpts a Superhero Body

Get sculpted—and strong—AF, just like Wonder Woman.

The Intense Barre Workout That Doubles As Cardio

Get ready to boost your heart rate and work up a serious sweat

One Bachelorette-Alum Shares His TV-Ready Total-Body Workout

Gear up for all the bikinis during Bachelor in Paradise

A HIIT Workout Like You've Never Done Before

And you thought regular HIIT was hard

5 Total-Body Moves to Help You Feel Fit Naked

So you can feel good rocking a naked selfie like our girl Kim K.

Try the Tone It Up Girls' Quickie Total-Body Strength Workout

Firm all over in 20 minutes or less with two of the ~hottest~ trainers on the beach

The Toss-Your-Shapewear Strength and Cardio Workout to Tight and Tone

This full-body workout will tighten and tone all over so you won't need that annoying shapewear

Push, Punch, and Plank Your Way to a Stronger Body In Just 4 Minutes

This super effective circuit workout will get you toned in no time—and help you channel your inner badass.

Add a Twist (or Four) to Your Workout with This 4-Minute Total-Body Routine

No time? No excuse. Squeeze in a sweat sesh with this super fast circuit.

8 Battle Rope Exercises Anyone Can Do

Slam, wave, and circle your way to a fitter body with this battle ropes workout.

These Free Movement Workout Flows Mix Yoga with Strength Training

Yoga meets strength training (meets hot trainer).

The 20-Minute Pilates Workout for Hardcore Abs

Strengthen every angle of your core with these killer moves.

A Kickass Athlete- and Celebrity-Approved Strength-Building Workout

Personal trainer Chase Weber shares his three-part total-body workout for strength, power, and stability.

The 4-Minute Circuit Workout You Can Do Anywhere

We dare you to tell us you don't have time for this total-body routine.