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trail running

8 Essential Safety Tips Every Trail Runner Should Know

Make no mistake—trail running is NOT like running around the neighborhood.

What It's Like to Run One of the Hardest Races on the Planet

This mountain race makes a marathon look like a cakewalk.

How to Score the Seriously Awesome Benefits of Trail Running

Been there, run that? Boost the fun and fitness gains of your loop by going off the beaten path

Pro Trail Running Tips Beginners Can Learn From

Been there, run that? Boost the fun and fitness gains of your loop by going off the beaten path

10 Trail Running Shoes to Help You Break Away from the Pavement

Because your old trail running shoes seriously need an upgrade.

Top 6 Trail Running Tips for Getting Started

Happy Trails, indeed—as long as you read these rules first!

Beyond the PR: Score a Fitness World Record!

Trail runners are blazing their own routes (and scoring fastest known times). You can too! Here's how.

Run the World with These 9 Races

They may require a plane, train, or boat to reach, but once you arrive, 2 feet will be enough to enjoy these worldly fitness adventures.

14 Shoes to Make You Fitter, Faster, and Slimmer

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Go Behind the Scenes at the SHAPE Diva Dash!

Our editor-at-large takes you to the obstacle course run to show you how to get a great workout while having a blast.

Zoë Romano Runs 2,000-Mile Tour de France for Charity

Meet the 26-year-old who ran 2,000 miles (and faced wild animals, sun poisoning, and bad weather) to raise money for underprivileged children.

7 Trails to Run Before You Die

These breathtaking routes should be on every runner's bucket list.

Don't Make These Mistakes When Running Outdoors

Even avid treadmill runners make these mistakes when they take to the streets. Follow these five tips to make your outdoor runs enjoyable and injury-free.

No Gym? No Problem! Try One of these Biking or Running Paths

No gym? No problem! Try one of these biking or running paths.

5 Ways to Find a Great Running Route Anywhere

5 ways to fit in a run wherever life takes you.

Trail Running or Road Running?

Discover the pros and cons of running on trails, treadmills, tracks, and more surfaces.