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trans fat

Artificial Trans Fats Could Essentially Be Extinct By 2023

See ya, weird substance that doesn't belong in your body.

Woo Hoo! FDA to Officially Ban Trans Fat in 2018

You can finally PHO-get about those FrankenFats! As of 2018, the FDA will make sure trans fat doesn't make its way into processed foods again.

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New FDA Ruling to Eliminate Use of Trans Fats

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These 5 triple threat foods are rarely (if ever) worth the splurge.

Getting Over My Fear of Fat

Fat is not a bad word when it comes to weight loss. Find out how it can actually help you shed pounds when used properly.

The Health Perks of Oil

Look and feel better by adding healthy oils to your diet.

The Big Fat Truth

Researchers have now singled out what kinds of fat you should eat and how much you need every day. To make it simple, we've boiled it all down to these six facts.

Food Variety: Friend or Foe?

Having too many food choices can make you fat. Here, 6 ways to mix it up healthfully.

The Truth about Trans Fats

They're potent enough to be banned in some states: A nutrition expert fills you in on what you need to know.