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The Unhealthiest Salads at Your Favorite Lunch Spots

Turns out, a salad isn't always the healthiest choice.

3 Healthy Fast-Food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Dare we say maybe even better than the drive-through versions?

"Healthy" Ingredients That Turn Your Smoothies Into Junk Food

Not everything you put in the blender turns to health food gold.

10 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Poison You

No, but cabbage, apples, rhubarb, and these other healthy foods do contain bad-for-you toxins.

America's Absurd Delivery Food Habits Are Adding Up Fast

We're paying the price of an exotic vacation to have unhealthy food delivered to our door.

14 Foods to Skip to Ensure Hot Sex Tonight

It might taste good now, but you'll regret it once the candles are lit and the gas, bloating, and lowered libido set in.

8 ‘Healthy’ Food and Lifestyle Alternatives That Aren’t

Healthy peanut butter and turkey burgers aren’t doing you any favors. Find out when to stick to the originals.

The 10 Fattiest Foods in America

Scary news: Some of your favorite restaurant meals are serving up three times the amount of fat you should have in a day!

Fight Food Cravings Without Going Crazy

Find out how to tell if your sudden urge for something sweet is worth fighting or feeding.

12 Ways to Decode a Restaurant Menu

Experts share how to read between the lines to distinguish the good, the bad, and completely unhealthy items at a restaurant.

Ambushed By a Cronut: The Trendy Food Trap

From cupcakes to macarons to the Dunkin' Donuts Croissant donut, here's how to not fall under the sugary spell of these unhealthy, yet trendy treats.

11 Bad-for-You Foods That Aren't So Bad for You

From stabilizing your blood sugar levels to fighting heart disease, these "forbidden" foods actually pack serious health and nutrition benefits.

4 Junk Foods We'd Like to See Taxed Besides Soda

Soda taxes got the vote during yesterday's midterm election. Here are more unhealthy snacks we'd like to see on the next ballot.

The Smart Trick to Satisfy Cravings for Fewer Calories

A new study says you can have that donut—and be satisfied with less than you think!

8 “Unhealthy” Foods Nutritionists Eat

Even dietitians will ignore their own advice and chow down on their favorite treats—and with their tips, you can too!

Ask the Diet Doctor: "Healthy" Potato Chips

Are chips made from quinoa, sweet potatoes, lentils, and other nutritious foods any better for you than regular potato chips?

American Eating by the Numbers

Yowza. But that’s not the only shocking stat. These 20 eye-opening facts will make you rethink how you eat.

Ask Diet Doctor: Salt vs. Sugar

While you should limit your intake of both, one does much more damage to your body than the other.

Everything You Need to Know about Going Gluten-Free

Thinking of ditching gluten? Here's everything you need to know about the diet craze.

Is Eating Eggs as Bad as Smoking?

Nutritionist Cynthia Sass offers her take on a new study that vilifies eggs—her advice may just surprise you!

The Worst Snacks for Your Body

10 between-meal bites that could actually hurt your health.

Two Reasons You're Craving A Burger

Could it be the sight or the smell of the burger? Or is merely talking about it enough to push you over the edge? Or perhaps it's what's in your cup that makes you cave. Find out what triggers you to eat not so good for you foods.

7 Foods a Nutritionist Would Never Eat

And why you shouldn’t either!

Should There Be a Tax on Unhealthy Foods?

The concept of a "fat tax" isn't a new idea. But do these taxes actually work at getting people to make healthier decisions—and are they fair?