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Is This Why Most Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat?

A new survey finds that only 10 percent of people actually stick to a vegetarian diet.

3 Clean Vegan Protein Powders We Love

You don’t have to be vegan to love these new all-natural protein powders.

The Plant-Based Diet Rules You Should Be Following

Acclaimed New York Times columnist Mark Bittman says fewer processed and animal-based foods will do you and the planet good—if you follow these rules.

Diets and Dating: How Food Restrictions Can Affect Your Love Life

These tips, from the authors of a new book about dating while vegan, show you how to handle the potential roadblocks.

6 Things That Happened When I Gave Up Dairy

The benefits one woman saw from ditching milk products may surprise you.

8 Dairy-Free Milks You've Never Heard Of

Soy, almond, and coconut are only the beginning. Check out these exciting varieties to expand your options.

Mark Bittman: “You Will Lose Weight” Eating Vegan Before 6

So says New York Times columnist Mark Bittman about his vegan before 6 plan. Here's how to make it easy.

The Surprising Way Vegetarians May Be Ruining Their Workouts

The issue exercise scientists say meat-free gym rats could face.

Jenna Dewan Tatum on Cover of Natural Health

The gorgeous actress and Natural Health cover model shares how she achieves that glow, plus the green smoothie Channing loves, her “Kryptonite” junk food, and more.

Are Vegan Diets Safe for Kids?

One author is encouraging parents to put their entire families on temporary no-animal diets. But is this safe for kiddos?

5 Light and Healthy No-Cook Recipes

Eating a plant-based raw diet is totally approachable with these delicious recipes from the new book Eat Raw, Not Cooked.

Is a Vegan Diet Safe When You’re Pregnant?

Although some think shunning meat is bad for a developing baby, experts say it can be healthy—and could come with a perk!

The Best Diet for Your Health

Researchers looked at the science on paleo, lowfat, low-carb, vegan, and more diets to finally decide the optimal way to eat.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beyonce and Jay Z’s Vegan Challenge

We got the scoop on Bey and Jay Z's challenge from the man who inspired it.

Beyonce and Jay Z Are Going Vegan

In this week's top celeb news, Gisele Bundchen has a new workout partner, plus big news about Beyonce and Britney.

Ask the Diet Doctor: What's Up with the Hemp Seeds Hype?

You can find these seeds in a lot of packaged foods and you may sprinkle them into oatmeal or on salads, but is all the talk just hype?

Ask the Diet Doctor: Complete and Incomplete Proteins

Learn what makes a protein complete and find out if your diet is providing the nutrients you need to build muscle and burn fat.

8 Banned Foods to Keep in Your Diet

Ignore the rules for paleo, low-carb, and other diets. Giving up these foods could make you less healthy and add pounds.

How I Gained Weight as a Vegan: Don't Let It Happen to You!

Skipping meat, eggs, and dairy isn't necessarily healthy, or a way to lose weight.

A Day in My Diet: Yoga Instructor Heidi Kristoffer

See what delicious bites pass Heidi Kristoffer's lips in 24 hours to fuel her body.

12 Surprising Vegan Foods

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls aren't even the most surprising item on the list! See 11 more "accidentally vegan" products here.

20 Satisfying Fall Meals for Any Diet

When you need some comfort food, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re eating gluten-free, vegan, or just plain healthy.

5 Vegan Foods That Make You Fat

Just because it's vegan, doesn't mean it won't pack on pounds.

Do Vegans Need to Take Omega-3 Supplements?

Find out the best way to get enough of these essential nutrients if you follow a plant-based diet.

The 25 Sexiest Vegan and Vegetarian Celebrities

25 steamy stars who are known for their compassionate diets. We swoon!