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vegetarian recipes

Delicious, Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for Weight Loss

You'll be satisfied without being bloated and gassy from all those veggies.

10 Filling Vegetarian Sandwiches

Give your PB&J habit a rest and pick one of these creative, portable recipes to pack for lunch instead.

'Top Chef' Host Padma Lakshmi's Favorite Cheap, Healthy Meal

The host of 'Top Chef' and cookbook author says this humble dish kept her going when she was young and broke.

Vegetarian Indian Recipes Cheaper and Healthier Than Ordering In

The modern approach to this centuries-old cuisine combines farm-to-table ingredients with rich and savory spices.

This Persian Street Food Dish Will Be Your New Go-To Comfort Meal

Yeralma yumurta is a Persian recipe and a dietary staple for food blogger Naz Deravian.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Cooking Plant-Based Recipes

Vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli shares how to turn any flubbed meal into a delicious dish.

4 Ingredients That Can Transform Any Bland Dish

Meet four superheroes—and learn how to use them to make your meals seriously delicious.

The Grain-Free Strawberry Tart Recipe You’ll Serve All Summer

This berry-topped dessert is made for warm-weather gatherings.

7 Vegetarian Meal-Prep Ideas with Just 10 Ingredients

This makes for one quick grocery trip.

This Sheet-Pan Recipe for Warm Thai Salad Is Way Better Than Cold Lettuce

It's worth making for the Thai peanut sauce alone.

Chef Chloe Coscarelli's Beet Burger Recipe Will Make You Consider Going Vegan

It's not like a regular burger, it's a ~cool~ burger.

Vegan Instant Pot Recipes You Can Make In No Time

The Instant Pot makes it easier to be vegan.

These Mediterranean Nachos Will Be a Touchdown at Your Game-Day Party

This healthy spin on nachos will be a guaranteed hit.

29 Vegetarian Keto Recipes for Plant-Based Eaters

Mock mac and cheese or faux-lafel, anyone?

Seasonal Vanilla Spice Chia Seed Pudding Recipe with Figs

This healthy treat was made for this time of year.

9 Juice Pulp Recipes to Stop Wasting Perfectly Good Fruits and Veggies

Don't let your fruit and veggies go to waste—literally.

These Cheeseburgers Are Made from Your Leftover Juice Pulp

It's something you've probably been throwing away.