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What Is the Noom Diet?

People are calling it "Weight Watchers for millennials"—but does it work?

Why I'm Deleting My Calorie-Counting App for Good

How to tell when counting calories (or macros!) gets out of hand.

The Best Free Weight-Loss Apps

Including one that teaches you exactly why it's not all about the scale.

New Google App Can Guess the Calorie Count of Your Instagram Posts

You may soon have a legit excuse to indulge in your guilty social media pleasure.

How to Make Food Journaling Work for You

"Dear food diary, sorry I haven't written in a while but..." Sound familiar? Start logging for weight loss with these strategies.

Ask the Diet Doctor: How to Use Weight Loss Apps While Dining Out

Find out how to use your food diary apps next time you're eating at a restaurant.

The Right Way to Use Weight-Loss Apps

Weight loss doesn't happen overnight, but apps can help—if you're using them correctly, that is!

Will Counting Your Bites Help You Lose Weight?

The latest gadget to help you scale down means no more tracking calories—but will you reach your goal weight?

New App Goes Grocery Shopping for You

Instacart may make dealing with crowded supermarkets, long lines, and grumpy cashiers a thing of the past.

Should You Trust an App to Count Calories for You?

Techies are working on a program that will estimate how many calories are on your plate, but will it be any improvement over the apps already out there?

Can a Wristband Really Help You Lose Weight?

The new Airo health tracker claims to give you a well-rounded view of your health, but you need more than tech to make a change, our Weight Loss Coach says.

Are Weight-Loss Apps Worth the Money?

A new study says these programs may only help you lose cash, not pounds.

SHAPE Shares: Americans' Favorite Way to Exercise

The biggest fitness trend, plus more interesting health stories from this week's headlines.

In a Bad Mood? New Expereal App Can Tell You Why

Expereal aims to track and measure your daily emotions—better than your memory can.

The Best Healthy Living Apps for Weight Loss

Download these tools and games to make working out, eating well, and slimming down fun and easy.

The Weight-Loss Diet That Really Works

Find the best weight-loss plan for your personality and lifestyle, and you'll drop sizes faster than you ever thought possible.

Working Out? There's an App For That!

Smart phones connect, educate, and entertain us. And thanks to infinite fitness apps, help us get in shape too.

Take the Optumize Me Challenge

If you've done the couch to 10k challenge, you'll love this challenge.

How the New iPhone Can Make You Healthier

While the new iPhone isn't a huge update to the iPhone 4 (we'll have to wait for the full new iPhone 5 a little bit longer!), this new iPhone update does have some cool features we're itching to take advantage of, including improved voice recognition!!