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Are Vegan Diets Safe for Kids?

One author is encouraging parents to put their entire families on temporary no-animal diets. But is this safe for kiddos?

Your Body On a Juice Cleanse

The fascinating science behind everything from your headaches and hunger to that second-day euphoria and a surprising bedroom benefit on Day 3 when juicing!

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Is Cleansing After Childbirth Safe?

Some juice companies now offer new moms tailored programs, but is a post-pregnancy cleanse really safe?

Seriously? An Ice Cream Cleanse Now Exists

Really. So is it pure bliss or insane sugar crashes and stomach woes? One writer dared to try it.

Teatox: The Newest Way to Detox

These plans promise to cleanse your body and help you lose weight, but are they safe and do they actually work?

6 Ways Your Diet Is Messing with Your Metabolism

These common habits can mess with your metabolism and keep the pounds on.

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Healthy foods to help you slim down quickly—no fasting required.

How a Juice Cleanse Can Actually Cause Weight Gain

Four ways liquid cleanses can pack on the pounds

Your 2-Day Trim-Down Plan

Big event coming up? Look and feel fabulous in five simple steps.

To Do a Cleanse or Not to Do a Cleanse in 2012?

Cleanses are said to do everything from detoxing the body to helping you lose extra weight to boosting energy and to improving overall health. But, are they safe? And do they really work?

Is a Detox Diet Right for You?

It's the million dollar question: Should you detox? Our nutritionist shares her opinion. Read on for more!

To Detox or Not to Detox?

Is a detox a great way to feel confident in your bikini or a recipe for disaster? Here's how to tell if detoxing is right for you.

Should You Start a Sugar Fast?

Cut back on the sweet stuff and gain energy instead of pounds.