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Homemade Parfait

Who doesn't love a good parfait? Save yourself the $$$ (and possible extra sugar) of buying a pre-made one, and instead whip up this staple from Jen's rotation.

Protein Pancakes

easy protein pancakes recipe

FYI, not all protein pancakes are made with protein powder. If you're more a fan of whole-food sources of protein (but love yourself some hot cakes on a weekend AM), this is the recipe for you. They're full of cottage cheese and eggs, which give them a solid protein boost.  

Photo: @lifeisbutadish

5-Ingredient Smoothie

5 ingredient smoothie for breakfast

Keep these five ingredients (plus ice) on-hand, and you're ready for a healthy breakfast any day. Which means, yep, you have no excuse to default to cereal anymore. 

Photo: */ @lifeisbutadish

Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

Ditch the other side of the bagel—actually, ditch the bagel altogether—to turn a heavy, high-calorie breakfast staple into a superfood version that tastes just as good. 

Oatmeal and Egg Bake

This recipe combines eggs, oatmeal, and nut butter in a creative way you likely haven't tried. The result: a breakfast that hits all your nutritional needs for the morning. (Also try these other 2-minute microwave oatmeals hacks.)