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weight loss trends

Why an Elimination Diet Won't Help You Lose Weight

News flash: Weight loss doesn't happen by simply cutting out sugar, gluten, or dairy.

Why This Fitness Influencer Will *Never* Recommend a Detox

She's got some thoughts on transformation photos, too.

Old-School Diet Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Once and for All

Sorry, but breakfast doesn't actually "kick start your metabolism" the way you think it does.

The Surprising Way Hypnosis Changed My Approach to Health and Fitness

And no, you don't go to sleep and wake up a new person—it's actually hard work!

The Hidden Reason Why You're Always Hungry

Apparently, one hormone can turn you into a human garbage disposal.

Why Is Kim Kardashian Wearing a Garbage Bag Sweatsuit to Lose Weight?

You won't find the secret to weight loss in a trash bag

The New Health Measure That Will Change How You See the Scale

The number on the scale isn't an accurate measure of health

Why This Fit Mom Shouldn't Attribute Her Post-Baby Body to Her Postpartum Binder

It's likely that diet and exercise is what helped Tammy Hembrow get the results she wanted.

How One Woman Lost 110 Pounds Before Her Wedding

She dropped over 100 pounds with no crazy dieting or quick-fix weight-loss scams

These Benefits of Weight Loss Will Motivate You to Hit Your Goals

And they have nothing to do with what you see in the mirror

Why Right Now Is the Lightest You'll Be All Year

Know the research—then do something about it.

The Crazy Things Millennials Are Willing to Do to Lose Weight

Hint: It's not pizza or hours in front of the TV.

Why Following a Gluten-Free Diet Is Difficult Long-Term

And it's not all that great to begin with

7 New Diet Hacks You've Never Heard Before (That Actually Work!)

Recent research has found all-new (and easier!) ways to live slim.

Proof That Standing Desks Might Actually Help Prevent Weight Gain

If you're still sitting, you're doing it wrong

The Harsh Reality of Keeping the Weight Off

With the majority of dieters regaining all the weight they lost, more and more women are turning to desperate means to avoid that yo-yo cycle.

Are Botox Injections the Latest Weight-Loss Trend?

Apparently, it's not just for wrinkles!

The Truth About Weight Gain After 'The Biggest Loser'

Extreme weight loss could be too good to be true in the long run, according to new research.

Yo-Yo Dieting Is Real—And It's Destroying Your Waistline

The majority of people who lose weight put it back on—but find out who's most likely to keep the weight off.