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Weight Loss

3 Changes to Increase Calorie Burn

Feel like the scale will never budge? These easy changes will help you lose fat faster.

How I Lost 20 Pounds Eating Butter and Full-Fat Cheese

This success story may convince you to ditch the diet foods and start eating real, satisfying meals too.

Yale Tells Student: Gain Weight or Go Home

The university accused a student of having an eating disorder, but she says she’s healthy. Was she a victim of weight discrimination?

4 Ways to Outsmart Hunger Hormones

How to harness the power of your hormones and nix cravings, boost metabolism, and shed those last stubborn pounds for good.

Rachel Frederickson, The Biggest Loser, and Losing Weight Fast

After shocking the world with her extreme weight loss, she’s now at her “perfect weight,” she says. Great, but is the show helping or harming women and our body image?

Early Birds, Rejoice! Morning Sunlight Connected to Lower BMI

New research may convince you to become a morning person. (Plus tips to help you succeed!)

Certain People Burn Carbs Better Than Others

New research emphasizes that weight loss isn’t just about what you put in your mouth.

The No. 1 Thing to Do to Before You Start a Diet

Before you toss out the chips and head for the gym, do this, and you’ll be much more likely to achieve the body you want.

4 Bikini Body Boosters to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Enhance the effects of your diet and workout plan with these natural supplements that may help you shed fat faster.

BMI vs Weight vs Waist Circumference

When it comes to tracking your health, numbers can be helpful—if you use the right ones.

High-Protein Diet Linked to Cancer, Death, Study Finds

A new study says high-protein diets may lead to a shorter life, but don’t put down that post-workout shake yet!

Study Shows Obese Women Only Get One Hour of Exercise a Year

The dismal and shocking results of a new study suggest the obesity problem in the U.S. may be worse than we thought.

Are You Counting Calories Wrong?

Really. There's a much better way to approach eating to help you reach and maintain your optimal health and ideal weight.

SHAPE Shares: Biggest Loser Winner Drops 155 Pounds

After losing 155 pounds in 14 weeks, Rachel Frederickson has the Internet buzzing about the speed of her major slimdown.

50 Must-Know Fitness Tips to Score Your Best Body

Before you jump on the latest fad exercise routine or quit your program for lack of results, implement these easy tips into your workout and day-to-day, and fast-track it to your best body ever.

The Most Inspiring Weight-Loss Success Stories of 2013

Need a little inspiration? See how these real women took control of their health and lost up to 100 pounds!

Top 10 Celebrity Body Transformations of 2013

From Christina Aguilera to Khloe Kardashian, get the skinny on how these stars shed the weight.

The 8 Biggest Fitness Myths I've Ever Heard

Fitness editor-at-large Jay Cardiello reveals the worst misinformation he has heard through the years, and the advice you should actually follow for better results.

I Did It! 27 Inches Lost This Year

Our weight-loss diarist reveals how she transformed her body in the last year.

Do You Have to Be Hungry to Lose Weight?

Despite what you may think, feeling ravenous is not necessary to drop pounds if you follow this advice.

How SHAPE Reader Caitlin Flora Lost 182 Pounds

An embarrassing encounter with a friend forced this reader to kick-start a healthy lifestyle and drop 11 dress sizes.

3 Easy Recipes for Weight Loss

These healthy dishes are super simple to make and will please guests whether or not they're trying to slim down.

The Surprising Fat-Burning Yoga Routine

New research finds a surprising type of yoga may help you lose fat.

12 Eating Secrets Women with Great Bodies Know

Uncover the path to a slim, shapely, and sexy you simply by following these smart and sustainable eating tips from The Bikini Body Diet

Toddler Weight-Loss Surgery Not Likely in the U.S.

A Saudi Arabian couple recently put their toddler under the knife. Could this happen in the U.S.?

My Meal Plan for Weight Loss

The right meal plan will help you stay energized, avoid overeating, and lose weight effortlessly.