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What Your Urine Color Is Trying to Tell You

Docs decode the shade of your bowl.

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Why Do My Veins Stick Out After I Exercise?

"I like the way it looks, but I'm afraid I'm secretly dying."

New Stomach Vacuum Approved By FDA As a Weight Loss Tool

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80 Percent of People Pee In the Shower

Turns out we're not just using the shower to get clean...

WTH Is Really Going On During Mercury Retrograde?

The thrice-annual astrological period has a lot of people blaming their bad luck on the stars.

What Exactly Is Happening In Your Brain When You Get Déjà Vu?

And it has nothing to do with spirits, aliens, or psychic abilities. Sorry!

Women Are Contouring Their Legs (?!) In the Latest Beauty Trend

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The Weirdest Workout Trend In Each State

How does your state stack up?

Why Is My Poop Green Burger King??

Chillax scaredy cats, says the fast food chain, your poop is fine - and probably prettier

6 Ways Being Tall Impacts Your Health

Because it's about more than ability to wear heels...