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Woman Contracted Rare, Fatal Brain-Eating Amoeba from Using Neti Pot with Tap Water

This could make you think twice before using one to clear out your congestion.

There's Such a Thing As a Sheet Mask for Your Butt

Do you need to start butt masking? We investigate.

This Woman's Head Swelled to an Insane Size from an Allergic Reaction to Hair Dye

Don't ignore those patch tests recommendations, you guys. ​

Kate Beckinsale Shares Why She's a Big Fan of Penis Facials

"I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins."

Yes, Putting Jade Eggs In Your Vagina Is As Crazy As It Sounds

The brand also agreed to pay $145,000 after an investigation found their jade egg health claims weren't scientifically backed.

Goop Is Finally Getting Real About How They Promote Wacky Health Trends

The wellness brand is now labeling which pieces of health advice are rooted in actual science—and which are maybe kinda probably BS.

This Woman Had a Contact Lens Stuck In Her Eye for 28 Years

Doctors found the lens after the she reported eyelid swelling and drooping.

Hay Bathing Is Poised to Become the Hot New Spa Treatment

Could those childhood hay rides have been missed opportunities?

What Your Urine Color Is Trying to Tell You

Docs decode the shade of your bowl.

The Fancy Designer Workout Gear I'd Buy If I Won the Lottery

Is it okay to cash in my 401(k) to pay for a sports bra? (Asking for a friend.)

Why Does Acupuncture Make Me Cry?

It has something to do with pent-up stress.

Celebrities Are Paying to Be Bitten—Seriously

The bizarre treatment reportedly helps to improve blood flow. But is this legit?!

Why Do My Veins Stick Out After I Exercise?

"I like the way it looks, but I'm afraid I'm secretly dying."

New Stomach Vacuum Approved By FDA As a Weight Loss Tool

This news will make you lose your lunch—literally.

80 Percent of People Pee In the Shower

Turns out we're not just using the shower to get clean...