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Winter Workout with Strength Training Exercises for Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Skating

But it's also worth doing if you just like to hang in the lodge with cocoa.

This Incredible Freeskier Harnessed Her Fear to Shatter Glass Ceilings

Angel Collinson admits that self-doubt and negative talk creep into her mind, but she uses them to crush insane mountains.

How Do Ice Dancing and Figure Skating Differ?

There's more to the world of competitive ice skating than sparkling costumes, fancy footwork, and breathtaking jumps.

Climate Change Could Limit the Winter Olympics In the Future

If we don't reduce greenhouse gases, only eight of the 21 cities that have held the Winter Games in the past will be viable future locations.

How Plyometrics and Powerlifting Helped Devin Logan Prepare for the Olympics

Devin Logan says she feels stronger and more confident than ever.

12 Badass Female Athletes to Watch at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics

Team USA is stacked with Olympic newcomers and returning medalists you won't want to miss.

Elena Hight Shares How Yoga Helps Her Stay Balanced On and Off the Slopes

"It's the most important thing I do for my body and mind."

Why Taking a Winter Hike Is the Best Way to Enjoy the Trails

Turns out, braving the cold comes with added physical and mental benefits.

How to Protect Your Skin While Skiing and Snowboarding

Your plan for tackling cold-weather woes like windburn, sunburn, and skin as dry as the desert.

All the Winter Gear You Need for Cold-Weather Sports

These winter sports gear picks are both stylish and functional.

How Many Layers Should You Wear During a Winter Run?

Our infographic makes the decision easy!

What on Earth Is Skijoring?

Skiers put their lives on the line to take part in this extreme winter sport.

6 Workouts You Can Only Do In the Winter

Yes, the cold weather is brutal—but you can only take advantage of these winter workouts for four months of the year!

5 Extreme Sports That Put Skiing to Shame

This winter, forget snowboarding and skiing. You wont believe what some extreme athletes are doing to stay active in the snow.

10 Celebs Who Love to Hit the Slopes

Instead of escaping the winter, these stars embrace it by heading for the mountains and hitting the fresh powder.

The Right Exercises to Prep Your Body for Winter Sports

Maximize your performance on the slopes— without risking an injury by strengthening your body with these tips.

Winter Beauty Tips from X-Games Stars

With the X-Games starting in Aspen this week, we asked pro snowboarders and skiers to share their favorite products and gear for a day on the mountain.

The Best Running Shoes for Winter Weather

These sneakers battle cold, snow, and wind to keep you pounding the pavement all season long.