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Lena Dunham Had Her Left Ovary Removed Due to Excruciating Pain from Her Hysterectomy

"It got worse and worse until I was simply a burrito-shaped like a human."

Reasons You Shouldn't Wait Until Age 40 to Get a Mammogram

FYI, it's important to understand your personal breast cancer risk.

9 Healthy Habits That Will *Actually* Help Prevent UTIs

And no, a vodka cranberry isn't one of them.

Sexual Assault Impacts Both Mental and Physical Health, According to New Study

The findings aren't surprising—but they are incredibly important.

9 Surprising Things Making Your PMS Worse

Chances are, you're making your time of the month harder than it needs to be.

6 Women Share What It's Really Like to Get a Mammogram

Is getting your boobs squished in a doctor's office really as awkward as it sounds?

What Is Melasma and What's the Best Way to Treat It?

No need to freak—here's how to treat it.

Serena Williams Released a Topless Music Video for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Who knew Serena Williams could sing—like, really sing.

Is Eating Your Placenta Really Beneficial or Is It Actually Dangerous?

"Placentophagy" might be common among the A-list crowd, but is the controversial (and semi-icky) practice actually safe?

This Woman Had a 61-Pound Tumor Removed from Her Uterus

The 26-inch mass was making it difficult for her to breathe.

Taking At-Home Genetic Tests Can Make Your Health Insurance More Expensive

Knowing the ins and outs of your family history could end up costing you.

Women Are More Likely to Survive a Heart Attack If Their Doctor Is Female

New research is showing a surprising trend in survival rates.

Everything You Need to Know About Preeclampsia (aka Toxemia)

Everything you need to know about the scary condition that led to her emergency C-section.

People Are Asking Plastic Surgeons to Make Them Look Like Snapchat Filters

Snapchat dysmorphia has spawned a new, concerning trend, say doctors.

This Model Is Embracing Her Saggy Skin—and Her Photos Will Inspire You

Sara Geurts is raising awareness of EDS and encouraging body positivity.

The FDA Just Issued a Major Warning About Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Procedures

The FDA just issued a major warning about the "energy-based" procedures.

You're Not Alone—There Really Is a Loneliness Epidemic

It's not just you. More and more Americans are feeling alone and isolated

Docs Say the New FDA-Approved Pill to Treat Endometriosis Could Be a Game-Changer

Orilissa is the first new treatment for endometriosis pain in a decade.

What Young Women Need to Know About Alcoholism

And—yes—heavy drinking and alcoholism is to blame

MG Is the Next Potential STI Superbug Posing a Threat to Your Health

It's often asymptomatic, and can even lead to fertility.