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women's health conditions

Taking At-Home Genetic Tests Can Make Your Health Insurance More Expensive

Knowing the ins and outs of your family history could end up costing you.

Women Are More Likely to Survive a Heart Attack If Their Doctor Is Female

New research is showing a surprising trend in survival rates.

Everything You Need to Know About Preeclampsia (aka Toxemia)

Everything you need to know about the scary condition that led to her emergency C-section.

People Are Asking Plastic Surgeons to Make Them Look Like Snapchat Filters

Snapchat dysmorphia has spawned a new, concerning trend, say doctors.

This Model Is Embracing Her Saggy Skin—and Her Photos Will Inspire You

Sara Geurts is raising awareness of EDS and encouraging body positivity.

The FDA Just Issued a Major Warning About Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation Procedures

The FDA just issued a major warning about the "energy-based" procedures.

You're Not Alone—There Really Is a Loneliness Epidemic

It's not just you. More and more Americans are feeling alone and isolated

Docs Say the New FDA-Approved Pill to Treat Endometriosis Could Be a Game-Changer

Orilissa is the first new treatment for endometriosis pain in a decade.

What Young Women Need to Know About Alcoholism

And—yes—heavy drinking and alcoholism is to blame

MG Is the Next Potential STI Superbug Posing a Threat to Your Health

It's often asymptomatic, and can even lead to fertility.

Do You Really Have to Quit Coffee When You're Pregnant?

Pregnant celebs get a lot of flak when they're spotted with coffee, but docs weigh in on whether a cutback is really necessary.

5 Weird Side Effects of Too Much Sun

Be mindful this weekend of when it's time to sit in the shade.

Selena Gomez Shares Why She Took a Step Back from the Spotlight After Her Kidney Transplant

And why she's done caring about whether people like her or not.

This Woman's Struggle with Endometriosis Led to a New Outlook On Fitness

A routine surgery gone terribly wrong inspired this fitness Instagrammer to embrace her shape.

Keto Diet Constipation Is a Legit Issue—Here's How to Deal

Good news: You're not doomed to be backed up.

What Everyone Needs to Know About the Rising U.S. Suicide Rates

The losses of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are compounded by new findings that suicide rates are on the rise across the country.

Why Is Everyone Hating On Birth Control Pills Right Now?

Experts dish on whether the Pill actually deserves the shade it's been getting.

What Your Farts Can Tell You About Your Health

Gas happens—and when it does, it can provide some pretty handy intel. Learn about six different types of gas and what they say about your health.

Is It Actually Bad to Crack Your Knuckles and Joints?

Resist the urge to crack your knuckles while reading.

How Stress Is Actually Killing American Women

Too much stress can take a major (and very real) toll on your health.

Why You’re More Likely to Get an STI During Your Period

Protection is a must always, but especially this time of the month.

You Could Soon Be Able to Send Data from Your Fitbit Straight to Your Doctor

Thanks to a new partnership with Google Cloud, Fitbit users could send their numbers straight to the doc.

Can the "Rosacea Diet" Actually Clear Your Skin?

Diet plays a bigger role in skin health than you might think.

Singer Halsey, 23, Is Freezing Her Eggs Because of Endometriosis: 'I Need to Be Aggressive'

After dealing with years of endometriosis, the 23-year-old wants to gain control of her fertility.