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women's health conditions

This Company Is Trying to Make Birth Control More Accessible Around the World

The problem is widespread, but there's a way you can help.

What Young Women Need to Know About Alcoholism

"If you only drink once a year but can't control how much you drink and can't remember what you did, then you have a problem."

Selena Gomez Reveals How Francia Raisa Became Her Kidney Donor

The singer teared up in her first post- kidney transplant interview.

The Trump Administration Rolls Back Requirements for Employers to Cover Birth Control

The new rule from the Trump administration could affect up to millions.

I Tried It: What It's Like to Get a Period Massage

One woman tried it. See what she found out.

Pelvic Floor Exercises Every Woman (Pregnant or Not) Should Do

Regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles is just as important as any other part of your body.

The Best and Worst States for Health Care In 2017

If you've ever wanted to live in Hawaii, here's your excuse.

Everything You Need to Know About Rhabdomyolysis (aka Rhabdo)

You're not doomed to get it if you try CrossFit—promise.

This Period Pain Device Actually Made My Cramps Bearable

Livia seemed too good to be true, but it's actually pretty effective.

What Adopting My Daughter with Cerebral Palsy Taught Me About Being Strong

"We have such an amazing life where every tiny accomplishment for us is a cause for celebration."

Female Inmates Finally Have Access to Free Pads and Tampons In Federal Prisons

If you're wondering "how was this even an issue in the first place?" you're not alone.

Thunderstorm Asthma Is a Legit Thing—Here's What You Need to Know

While rare, thunderstorm asthma is super dangerous and could affect anyone (asthmatic or not).

Running Helped Me Accept That I Had Breast Cancer

I was devastated about my illness, then I went running and everything changed.

The First Case of Local Zika Infection This Year Was Just Reported In Texas

The first person to become infected by a local mosquito was reported by Texas state officials.

You May Not Need to Complete a Full Course of Antibiotics After All

Here's what you should ask you doc before you fill that script.

Is the Extreme Cost of IVF for Women In America Really Necessary?

Infertility is bankrupting American families. But could there be a simple solution right under our noses?

5 Weird Side Effects of Too Much Sun

AKA: Your body's ways of telling you to sit in the shade.

The Trump Administration Just Cut $213 Million In Funding Aimed at Preventing Teen Pregnancy

This massive budget cut sneaked by without many noticing—until now.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards Slams Newest Version of the Health Care Bill

"This is, hands down, the worst bill for women in a generation."

How Weak Ankles and Ankle Mobility Affect the Rest of Your Body

Knee or hip pain? Your ankles may be to blame.