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Working It Out

Restorative Yoga for the Ultimate Relaxation

Completely relax and restore your body and mind with these 8 poses that guarantee serenity.

One-Move Total-Body Workout

Perfect this one exercise to scorch tons of calories, work almost every muscle, and sculpt a sexy, perky butt.

We Tried It: Stand-Up Paddleboarding

We find out how hard SUP really is and if it’s the total body workout everyone says it is!

A Green Shoe (That Comes in 7 colors)

Brooks is making the most eco-friendly sport even more eco-friendly with the Green Silence a running shoe made of 75 percent recycled materials.

Recommended Reading: Two Great Books About Yoga

Yoga guru Tara Stiles and New York Times journalist William J. Broad shed a whole new light on yoga. Every yogi, or anyone who’s thinking about starting should pick their new books up!

K Swiss Fly Tubes: Love!

K•Swiss has teamed up with America’s Toughest Trainer Jillian Michaels to create the limited edition Fly TUBES™, a lightweight running shoe available exclusively on

Asics Gel-Rhythmic shoes: Love!

I covet sneakers the way other women yearn for stilettos. These are my new favorites.