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My "I'd Rather Be Anywhere" Workout Playlist

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The Top 10 Workout Songs for July 2012

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High and Mighty Climbing Playlist

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The Top 40 Workout Songs for Summer

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The 10 Best Exercise Songs for June 2012

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A Calorie-Torching Interval Playlist

Follow the beat of this playlist to amp up your intensity and torch more calories the next time you head outside

Jump Into Summer with This High-Intensity Playlist

Can't muster up the motivation to hit the gym? Skip it and jump rope instead!

10 Songs to Put Some Pep in Your Step Workout

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The Perfect Walk-It-Off Playlist

Spice up your ho-hum walking workout with this upbeat playlist.

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Exercise Music: The Top 10 Songs for May 2012

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Fitness Music: Top 10 Songs for Running Faster

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Running Playlist: The Top 10 Songs for April 2012

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Alison Sweeney's Perfect Workout Playlist

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Workout Playlist: March Madness Edition

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Workout Songs: The Top 10 for March 2012

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Your FREE March Workout Playlist

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Workout Music: A Roundup of Recent Remixes

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Beat Workout Boredom with this Treadmill and Elliptical Playlist

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Playlist: The Top 10 Workout Songs for February 2012

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Interval Training: A Playlist

Burn fat faster using songs with different tempos.

The Grammy Awards 2012: A Workout Playlist

The best gym tracks from this year's nominees.