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workout recovery

Does Cryotherapy for Sore Muscle Relief Really Work?

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The Best New Recovery Tools for When Your Muscles Are Sore AF

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How to Train Your Body to Feel Less Pain When Working Out

Yes, really. You can thank science for the intel on how.

You Can Now Use a 24K Gold Foam Roller to Ease Your Sore Muscles

Okay, but will it make leg-day DOMS hurt any less?

The Recovery Workout for When You Still Want to Be Active On Your Rest Day

Because "rest day" does not mean "couch potato day."

How a Car Accident Changed the Way I Prioritized My Health

"Why would you hurt yourself in the name of fitness?"

Mobility Exercises to Speed Up Your Post-Workout Recovery

When's the last time you did mobility work? Oh, never? Thought so.

An Open Letter to Every Runner Working Through an Injury

Listen up because I'm about to show you some tough love.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Taking a Workout Hiatus

All the feels you have when you take a week (or two or three) off from the gym.

How to Keep Your Post-Workout Hanger In Check

So you can finally stop eating everything in sight after a workout

Do You Need a Sports Massage?

Give your tight, tired muscles a little TLC.

Why Do I Feel More Toned When I Haven't Worked Out In a While?

If you think your rest day body is hotter than your in-the-gym body, you're not entirely wrong.

Do You Need a Workout Detox?

It'll benefit your muscles <em>and</em> your mind.

11 Yoga Poses Every Runner Needs to Know

Say goodbye to tight hamstrings! This yoga workout will combat your stiffest muscles.