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workout videos

'12 Moves of Christmas' with the Tone It Up Girls

Get fit while getting into the Christmas spirit.

Lacey Stone Shares Her Favorite Heavy Dumbbell Workout for Weight Loss

The secret to burning major calories? Major dumbbells.

This Boxing-Style HIIT Workout Is Designed for People with Knee Pain

HIIT workouts don't have to be all about the jumping or squatting or...squat jumping.

Easy Seated Yoga Stretches to Increase Your Flexibility Stat

Here's how to twist and bend your way to better flexibility.

This Get-Happy HIIT Workout Is the Ultimate Natural Mood Booster

Try this workout when you need a little happiness boost.

The 15-Minute Cardio Workout Perfect for Beginners Trying to Lose Weight

Get back on the workout wagon with this safe, do-anywhere workout

The Recovery Workout for When You Still Want to Be Active On Your Rest Day

Because "rest day" does not mean "couch potato day."

This Crazy-Creative Pool Float Workout Will Make You Sweat This Summer

Pool floaties make a surprisingly useful workout tool.

Work Your Entire Core with This Killer Pilates Workout

You'll feel soreness in muscles you didn't know existed.

The Total-Body Tabata Circuit Workout to Send Your Body Into Overdrive

This workout will crush you in the best way possible.

The 10-Minute At-Home Lower Abs Workout for Definition In Your Core

Drop whatever you're doing and bang out these nine moves to make your abs pop.

The Tough Plyometric Training Challenge Your Legs Will Love to Hate

Turn up the burnt by getting off your feet—and into the air.

Upper Back Exercises to Tone and Tighten Hard-to-Reach Areas

Give us 10 minutes, and we'll give you a better rearview.

Kettlebell Exercises for Pregnant Women That Are Safe for Baby

Train with a kettlebell until you have your own "babybell."