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Fitness Saved My Life: From Cancer Patient to Yoga Instructor

How losing a leg enabled one woman to take control of her health, rethink exercise, and live her life the way she wanted to.

Step-By-Step Breakdown: Lotus Pose

This pose requires serious flexibility in the hips, and with this step-by-step breakdown, you’ll find your comfortable seat.

The Best Yoga Poses for Self-Massage

Breathe deeply in these poses to give your body a relaxing massage—without leaving your house or paying a single cent!

8 Exercises to Master Before Trying a New Workout

With these key moves perfected, you'll walk into Tabata class, use kettlebells, or train for a marathon with confidence and get the most out of your experience.

Yoga for People Who Can't Touch Their Toes

Flexibility is more in your mind than in your body, and these modified poses will help your body start stretching further.

Step-by-Step Breakdown: Grasshopper

Follow this step-by-step breakdown of grasshopper and eventually you’ll be balancing like a baller.

Essential Yoga Cues to Get More from Your Mat Time

Decode what your instructor is saying in class (“tuck your tailbone”? Huh?) and maximize the benefits of every pose.

Yoga-Martial Arts Mashup

Unleash your inner ninja while bringing focus to your day and building strength and confidence.

Emma Watson Is a Certified Yoga Instructor

The accomplished actress and ivy-league scholar has added a surprising new certification to her resume.

Wake Up! Morning Yoga Routine

Struggling to get out of bed lately? This routine will jumpstart your morning, leaving you refreshed and energized all day.

Can We Stop Body-Shaming Lena Dunham Yet?

See what Joan Rivers said about the actress’s weight, plus get the dessert Lucy Hale loves and Charlize Theron's go-to workout.

Flat-Belly Yoga

Work every core muscle and burn crazy calories with this interval routine for a sleek, sexy midsection.

Gisele Bundchen Does Some Al Fresco Meditation

The model wasn’t the only one striking a pose this week. Check out what Angelina thinks of yoga and how others are staying in bikini shape.

Step-by-Step Breakdown: 8-Angle Yoga Pose

The name makes it sound complicated, but eight-angle pose is actually super easy to get into and hold. Watch the video and master this arm balance!

This Is What Your Skeleton Looks Like Doing Yoga

This fascinating new video will give you a completely different perspective on yoga and how amazing your body is.

Would You Take a Yoga/Spa Treatment Class?

Saying “om” while getting a massage? Mixing the practices is becoming more popular—and for good reason.

Yoga to Turn Around a Bad Day

No matter how frustrating, stressful, and all-out horrible your day, this routine will expel negativity and make you feel amazing!

The Surprising Class You Compete In

You won’t believe which class you’re more likely to be “me vs. you” in than CrossFit!

A Yoga-Tabata Mashup Workout

Combine high-intensity yoga poses with restorative ones so you get the benefits of each of these disciplines—in 4 minutes!

5 Olympic Athletes Who Swear by Yoga

See who credits the meditative practice with helping them stay healthy, happy, and strong—and win medals!

Step-by-Step Breakdown: Chaturanga

Probably not! Watch this video and learn the dos and don’t of this amazing core- and arm-strengthening pose.

Lululemon Says Sorry to Banned Customers

The yoga retail giant has found itself in hot water after banning loyal customers from purchasing products online.

The Yoga Poses Models Swear By

Watch models demonstrate their go-to poses for a clear mind, flexibility, and a runway-worthy body.

A Couples Yoga Routine Your Guy Will Actually Love

Even the most yoga-skeptic man will loosen up and fall in love with the practice after trying this intimate and fun sequence for 2.

Jamie Anderson's Go-To Balancing Yoga Routine

The U.S. snowboarder dominated the women's inaugural slopestyle event, and said yoga was key to her success.

Yoga to Relieve Your Tightest Spots

After a stressful day, release your tense shoulders, back, hips, IT bands, and hamstrings with this relaxing sequence.