Tracee Ellis Ross Gave a Look at Her Year In Workouts

Check out the actress's 2022 workout recap.

Tracee Ellis Ross
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Tracee Ellis Ross isn't shy about sharing her workouts on Instagram. In fact, followers can often catch glimpses of the actress' sweat sessions on the app. She frequently shares clips of workouts, including traditional gym exercises, dance cardio in the Tracy Anderson studio, and lesser-known methods such as the low-impact Gyrotonics method.

So, it's no surprise she shared a compilation video of a year's worth of workouts set to the tune of "Just Wanna Rock" by Lil Uzi Vert on Instagram to close out 2022. "A few of this year's workouts," writes Ellis Ross in the caption of her recent post. "I ain’t f**kin around!"

In the new video, Ellis Ross dances it out with resistance bands and does exercises such as bodyweight kickbacks and squats during Tracy Anderson Method workouts. The woman behind the popular method, Tracy Anderson, is known for attracting celebrity clients, which include Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Tia Mowry. Her technique is based on her dance background and focuses on strengthening small muscle groups. It seems to be a regular in Ellis Ross' workout routine based on her Instagram posts featuring the studio.

Along with the longstanding Tracy Anderson Method, Ellis Ross does MyMode, a new version of Tracy Anderson's hit method. The low-impact program involves working out with wooden props, including a step platform, weights, a staff, bands, disks, and a landing pad, which the Black-ish star demonstrates in multiple clips featured in her recent Instagram.

The year-in-review post also includes plenty of snapshots from gym workouts, including a few strength training moves. Ellis Ross does trap bar deadlifts, sled pushes, battle rope exercises, and tricep pulls. She also hits a VersaClimber for sprints on the vertical climbing machine. ICYDK, Ellis Ross has long worked with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh of Rise Movement.

Outside of the traditional gym, Ellis Ross does something known as the Gyrotonic method. "Gyrotonic exercises focus on fluid, continuous motion that is not impact-driven," Lily Marie Jahn, a Gyrotonic-certified instructor and movement specialist at Erika Bloom, a Pilates studio, previously told Shape. "Though you are building muscle because you're moving against resistance while on the Gyrotonic equipment, you're really strengthening your body's range of motion."

The workout method requires a pulley tower, which is featured in Ellis Ross' Instagram post. The actress has shared her love of the method many times on social media over the years — most recently in December 2022 when she shared a "breakthrough" she experienced while practicing with longtime Gyrotonics and movement master trainer Lisa Marie.

Finally, Ellis Ross takes a moment to recover on her back at the end of her 2022 workout recap post. She lies on the floor with her legs in the air while looking at the camera, demonstrating the importance of a post-workout cool-down to safely bring down your heart rate, improve flexibility, and prevent injury.

Here's to getting more workout inspiration from the actress in 2023!

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