Tracee Ellis Ross' Latest Gym Workout Includes Rows, Deadlifts, and Glute Bridges

Check out the most recent clips of the actress putting in work at the gym.

Tracee Ellis Ross
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If you're feeling unmotivated to get to the gym this week, Tracee Ellis Ross just shared an Instagram post that might inspire you to slide on a pair of leggings and slip into your sneakers. In a series of videos, the actress demonstrates five exercises at the gym, including her candid and relatable reactions to the tough moves she's doing.

"Up and at 'em 💪🏾," she writes in the caption of her post. She also tagged her longtime trainer Jason Walsh of Rise Movement.

In the new clips, Ellis Ross wears a pair of black leggings with a tight black cropped t-shirt and sneakers, with her hair pulled back in a single braid.

First up, Ellis Ross does two-handed rows with an isometric squat, explains Percell Dugger, C.S.C., C.F.S.C., a NYC-based wellness consultant, certified strength coach, Nike running coach, and founder of Fit For Us, who watched the clips.

With feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, the actress squats with knees bent as she pulls on a looped resistance band with both hands. She brings her hands to her chest, keeping her elbows at her sides, then releases the band for each rep. The exercise is "great for your back and biceps, and if you're holding the squat position low and long enough, it will give you a nice sensation in your quads and glutes," says Dugger.

The next exercise is a single-leg kickback on a reverse hypertension machine. With her front torso resting on the machine, Ellis Ross lifts and lowers one leg at a time. Her working leg is secured to a weight for resistance, as the motion targets the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, according to Dugger.

In the following clip, the Black-ish star is back in an isometric squat. This time, she holds a resistance band in her left hand, extending and pulling in her arm with her elbow at her side for a single-arm row. The exercise works the back and the biceps, explains Dugger. Similar to the first move, holding the squat can also light up the quads and glutes, he adds.

After that, Ellis Ross does a trap bar deadlift. She stands with her feet hip-width apart, standing tall to lift the weight, then hinging at her hips with bent knees to safely lower it back down. ICYDK, the deadlift is "a popular exercise move that targets the quads, hamstrings, and back," says Dugger.

Lastly, Ellis Ross performs glute bridges, which strengthen the hamstrings and (you guessed it!) the glutes. The Pattern Beauty founder rests the top of her back on a machine, and using her lower body, she lifts and lowers weights secured to a bar placed over her hips. At the end of her set, she holds the weight at the top of a rep for a final burn. The actress makes no effort to hide how challenging the move is, letting out some audible sighs as she works.

If you try this last exercise for yourself, "remember to engage your core at the top to avoid aggravating your lower back," advises Dugger.

Once again Ellis Ross is providing her Instagram followers with serious workout inspiration. Consider giving these exercises a try next time you hit the gym for a taste of a celebrity-approved workout.

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