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11 Hashtags That Will Fill Your Social Media Feed with Self-Love


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After getting sick and tired of being told things she could and couldn't wear because of her size, model Tess Holliday created the #EffYourBeautyStandards hashtag. The hashtag was soon transformed into a brilliant Instagram account, with 334,000 followers (and counting!), helping spread the oh-so-important message that size does not determine beauty. Check out body activist Sophia Anderberg's Instagram account (@fiaanderberg), where she advocates for the same message!

Photo: @fiaanderberg | Instagram


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Cellulite has long been deemed an enemy and something women should be ashamed of. However, fitness bloggers and Insta-celebs are using hashtags such as #CelluliteSaturday to speak out and show that cellulite is normal and not something we should feel like we have to hide. Jess, the author and life coach behind the @plankingforpizza Instagram account, is a big supporter of the hashtag, and she's proving that these physical things don't make us any less gorgeous!

Photo: @plankingforpizza | Instagram


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#HonorMyCurves is a hashtag that gives people a place to do exactly what it says. Selfies upon selfies of self-love are exactly why we love this empowering catchphrase. Jessica Sheridan (@jeshire_cats) absolutely nails it in this photo, with this caption: "Shout out to the drunk boys on the train home from Origin on NYE: you assholes may have heckled me for being fat, but it didn't stop me from wearing my swimsuit at the beach the next day. You can't change me. Pointing out my perceived 'flaws' also won't change your own. Just remember that."

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No number should define your happiness—not your clothing size, not your number of social media followers, and most definitely not your weight on the scale. #SizeHappy was created to celebrate our bodies and the joy they can bring us no matter what size the tag reads. Body positivist Therese Palm (@fitnessbytherese) uses her account to spread these positive vibes to her followers, and we absolutely love it!

Photo: @fitnessbytherese | Instagram


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Human beings come in every shape and size, and Marciel Hopkins (@marcielhopkins) is out to remind the world that there is no single definition of a beautiful woman. #IAmAllWoman proves that you don't need to look like the person next to you or the model in the magazine to be absolutely stunning.

Photo: @marcielhopkins | Instagram


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With nearly 80,000 posts using the hashtag #AllBodiesAreGoodBodies, it's obvious that this is one that the world needs to be reminded of. Instagrammer @aliceandpeanutbutter keeps it real on her account by reminding followers that we all have our own imperfections... but that those are what make us uniquely beautiful.

Photo: @aliceandpeanutbutter | Instagram


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In a world of Photoshop and filters, #NonAirbrushedMe is a call to be real and to know that our self-worth is not defined by the perfect lighting or how closely we resemble someone else. Kelly U (@kellyufit) is an eating disorder warrior and body positive activist who is proving to the world that we are enough just the way we are.

Photo: @kellyufit | Instagram


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In recent years, the "thigh gap" has become another physical characteristic for women to obsess over. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with your body naturally being built that way, the #MyThighsTouch hashtag is putting a stop to the shaming of those who don't have a gap. Here's model Daniele Rose (@danielarose930) proving that thick thighs are no less beautiful than thin ones.

Photo: @danielarose930 | Instagram


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#EmbraceTheSquish is all about loving your body in spite of stomach rolls or any jiggle and not shaming away the extra fat ("squish") that your body might hold. Megan Crabbe, who fought her way back from multiple eating disorders and self-love battles, uses her Instagram account to spread the message of accepting yourself no matter where you are in life.

Photo: @bodyposipanda | Instagram


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Whether it's your body type, your decision of whether or not to have children, or what you choose to do that makes you feel sexy... these things are up to you and no one else. #NoWrongWayToBeAWoman is a nice reminder to the world that being a woman doesn't mean you need to be a certain size or live a specific life, and @fit_byfaith is an Instagram mom who lives by that. From getting involved in some serious weightlifting to giving birth to her daughter, she has learned to appreciate her body at every stop along the way.

Photo: @fit_byfaith | Instagram


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Shape's body positive campaign #LoveMyShape has garnered the attention of people who are embracing and appreciating their bodies exactly as they are. Badass women everywhere used the hashtag to share what makes them feel strong, confident and beautiful. Monique Dupree, pro-wrestler and mother of ten, is spreading the message to the world that body positivity really can change your whole life!

Photo: @theoriginalgata | Instagram


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