The body-positive advocate is taking over the world by standing up for what she believes in.

By Faith Brar
Updated: November 03, 2016

Last week, Melinda Parrish made headlines when she gave Facebook the finger for refusing to boost her body-positive post. In a powerful essay, the plus-size model opened up about the humiliating experience and asked readers to question how Facebook evaluates their content and what it means for women who aren't straight-sized.

Other than standing up for what she believes in, here are five more reasons why Melinda should be everyone's new favorite person.

1. She is a former Navy officer. Even though she began modeling at 16, Melinda took a break from her career to attend college at the United States Naval Academy. She graduated in 2007 and was commissioned as a Navy Officer. Unfortunately, a back injury that required multiple surgeries caused her to get medically discharged the following year.

2. She started the #healthyatanysize initiative. Melinda has forged a community of women who've learned to embrace their bodies by staying active and healthy. "Showing our bodies love through movement is a way that we work towards becoming the women that we want to be in all aspects of our lives," Melinda says on her website. Her hashtag has been used nearly 2,000 times on Instagram.

3. She is a self-proclaimed body-positive advocate. In her blog posts, Melinda has explored the world of being active while being plus size several times. She wants other women to know that exercising and prioritizing your health should have nothing to do with negative body image or a desire to change the way you look.

4. She is passionate about working with nonprofits. After being discharged from the Navy, Melinda worked as a communications consultant for seven years. She offered her services to several nonprofits during that time and currently works with United Village Transformation, a nonprofit which helps create economic opportunities for women and children in the developing world.

5. She uses writing as a tool to stand up for women's issues. Her work has appeared in publications, such as Women's Running and Gaiam Life. She is also a regular blogger for The Huffington Post, where she is committed to writing content that helps women embrace their bodies and become a happier and more fulfilled version of themselves. Right now, she's working on a book inspired by her #healthyatanysize initiative.


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