Let Queen Bey's words of wisdom inspire you to hit the ground running for your next sweat sesh.

By Chelsea Holdom
Updated: March 12, 2019

With the days getting shorter and the cold creeping in, it can be tough to find the motivation to get up and get active. But never fear; Beyoncé is here! In case you missed it, the megastar released a new ad last week for her athleisure line, Ivy Park, which is just the inspiration we needed to stay fit, strong, and bootylicious this winter.

Beyoncé beautifully shows off her incoming Fall 2016 collection throughout the video while hitting us with some powerful messages about what inspires her to push herself––physically and mentally––every day. One of Queen Bey's secrets seems to be her ability to continually work to her body's limits, which is seen throughout the video in clips of her dancing, excercising, and performing live. "I teach my body every day that I can go a little further. I know my body can learn how to bend and not break."

This isn't the first time that Queen Bey has inspired us to pound the pavement for a workout. Check out five more times below, and then get ready to ditch the excuses, get that workout in, and push your body's limits!

1. When she reminded us to smile during yoga (and made us wish for sunny days again).

2. When she showed off her commitment to first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative.

3. When she reminded us she has some SERIOUS dance moves. Seriously, how do we learn to dance like Bey?

4. When she slayed in a leotard. Real talk: Being healthy has less to do with weight and more about how you feel about yourself. But all that said, if we're being honest, we wouldn't mind looking like Bey in a leotard or swimsuit.

5. When she posted a photo of this delicious-looking pizza. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, and that means letting yourself enjoy some of life's most mouthwatering delicacies once in a while, whether that's pizza or something else.



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